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No Inner Authority

אין הגדרת סמכות פנימית (No Inner Authority) - - Self Authority

Mental Projector / Reflectors

When you look at a chart where none of the centers is defined (reflector),

Or a diagram where the only defined centers are above center G ,

Projectors mental (Mental Projectors).

You look at someone whose inner authority works much differently.
The moon passes through all the gates in a cycle of 28 days and we all experience it,

Each center is not defined when it is activated a kind of stand up and shout "Here I am".

For many people with really a lot of undefined centers, the experience is more noticeable.
Ideally, the
person without internal authority can wait during this 28-day cycle,

And allows himself the time to experience fully and powerfully,

Their definition during that period.
Take the time you need, of course it is easy to say:

"Oh, they have to wait 28 days to make a decision."

But life is more fluid than that,

And we can not fix them,

In a small, tidy 28-day-old box.

The important thing is to take as long as it takes,

And understand that anything that can not wait for them to make the right decision,

He's not for them anyway.
One of the challenges to this type of authority is,

The temptation to make a decision before completing the synthesis.

They can be overwhelmed by a particular experience during the process,

And make a decision based on a very powerful but incomplete experience.

The trick is to really get the process out there.

אין הגדרת סמכות פנימית (No Inner Authority) - -  Time

Taking in The World:

With all those centers open,

Reflectors, and Frog'ktorim mental (Mental Projectors) always take the other.

They are very much aimed at the state of being of the other,

To their feelings, to their reactions, to their egos, to their awareness, to their pressures.

Everything floods into them.
They experience the energy of the outside world on a very deep level.

It can be wonderful or miserable,

Depends on how the other people are,

And how mental reflectors and mental projectors resonate with them.

It's essential that they as much as possible,

Will surround themselves with people for whom their inner energy dynamics are appropriate.
The people around them will serve as sounds of sound.

It is similar to the authority projected by itself.

They bounce things off others.

But in the case of someone who has no internal authority,

The ultimate decision is not made just by hearing what comes out of their throats.

It is much more complex and takes more time.
Whether through a 28-day lunar cycle,

And whether through activation by others,

The psychic glasses and projectors are designed to synthesize their various inner experiences into a whole,

And make decisions from the form, pattern, pattern of that synthesis.

Authority is not a small man sitting in a control tower and calling for shots.

The full characteristics of man play a part.

When the reflectors and Frog'ktorim mental (Mental Projectors)

Allow the synthesis time to fully develop,

They can combine it with other aspects of their design.

Their profile, their incarnation cross,

Their current life theme,

They are some of the factors that will determine how each mental reflector or projector (Mental Projector)

Will use a synthesis that leads them to make the right decision.

One that matches their entire design.
Line 4 profile, for example,

May weigh the decision better,

Towards something perceived as an opportunity.

Line 3 profile may weigh it less well,

If it is perceived as something they already know does not work.

According to their current theme of life,

A person may get the gate 47.1

"Taking stock - with the understanding that negative thoughts should be erased",

Which will lead him to prefer a decision that promotes this agenda.

Which factor gives more weight depends on the person's life experience.
This process is not an easy task,

And can take years to catch on,

If they ever do.

It requires a lot of confidence, patience, self-awareness and practice.

But once they take it down,

Their lives are very rich and rewarding.

Those who do take it down,

They are exceptional role models for all of us,

In terms of the most ideal function of the undefined centers.

Outer Authority:
Reflectors and
Mental Projectors learning,

In any way, live correctly their designs,

Can be of great value to others as an "external authority."

The generator, for example, has internal Scarlet authority,

And their reflector member (which takes the generator very deep),

Can give them great things to comment on that are in harmony with the generator design.
One of the basic and key concepts of open centers is,

That they not only take from the energy of the other,

Rather amplify the behaviors associated with them, and reflect them.

Mental Projector Reflectors and Mental Projector constantly experience others,

Amplify the experience and reflect it back.

Contemplation does not necessarily mean a parrot.

The quality of the reflection depends on the status of the reflector.
What is fundamentally reflected back is the energy of the increased center.

This may be the upper energy of the emotional wave or the energy below.

It may be the energy of vitality and joy of the root or it may be the energy of pressure.

It can be the "eh ha" or "or or" of the scroll and so on.
When energy is returned to a person with the
originally defined center, they have two new options.

To understand this you have to really grasp some difficult concepts.
First: We do not live in a universe that is fundamentally digital.

That means the switch is not limited to just being on or off.

It's out or visible enough to make sense and is very useful,

But that's just part of the story.

The switch can not be turned on or off,

And it can also be turned on and off simultaneously.

Light is one of the best examples of this in the physical world.

It is both a wave and a particle.
Second: In the world of energy,

The flow can be in any direction,

And it tends to be unstable at any particular end of the spectrum.

Behavioral energy acts on a slope.

This is especially evident in the emotional wave - up, then down.
In human affairs, then,

Many decisions are complex enough,

Whether because of the amount of data involved,

And whether due to a disturbance from the competing currents,

So that the innate authority does not discern a clear choice.

The brain can interfere, other centers can interfere,

And conditioning can interfere along with a lot of other subtle variables.
Reflectors and Frog'ktorim
mental (Mental Projectors)

When they reflect back to others,

Reflect the energy itself.

The shape of the reflection may be colored by the reflector,

(Based on various elements in their design), and it may be distracting,

But the basic reflection, is pure energy.

Sometimes the person receiving the reflection,

Need it to get through blasts because the decision is so complex or because of a disturbance.
Mental Projectors Reflectors
and Mental Projectors can,

Simply by reflection,

Provide the little extra weight that leads the other to go through the hump within them so to speak.

They can stop.

It helps if mental reflectors or mental projectors

Able to reflect things back without confusing the water too much.

Not all mental reflectors and projectors can do this,

Either do it consistently or do it for everyone.

in a way,

The purest reflection affirms the authority of the other person,

Which is the dynamics of actual decision-making.
The second dynamic brought about by external authority is a new option (Outer Authority).

As human beings we grow, evolve, change in different ways.

This in itself is not easy, especially change in and out.

In fact it is very difficult.

But it is sometimes also necessary.
Well-integrated reflectors,

And Mental Projectors ,

Offer the very real possibility of change for all of us.

When they reflect the amplified energy of our inner powers,

They often paint it with aspects of their design.

When this happens, we not only get a pure reflection of our energy,

But something a little different, and that difference becomes a new input for us.
A third line may tell us,

"Well I tried it and it didn't work."

Line 4 might say "Hmm, there's a chance here."

The explanatory cross may engage in a lengthy explanation of the subject.

The penetration cross may dive right to the bottom.

If that's their design speaking,

The reflection we receive may bring about a profound change within us.
When this happens we have the option to respond to the same corrected reflection.

Spleen authority may reconsider the decision,

Emotional authority may have different emotions.

This is a case where a reflection is distorted by the other person's behavior,

By offering an improved view of the situation,

When their authority is included in this process - or not.

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