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Profile 1/3 - Profile 1/3

Profile 1/3:
Investigating Martyr
Investigator / Martyr

This is the base profile.
Profile 1/3 is consciously and unconsciously part of the lower trigram.
It is a deep self-focused inner destiny.
The personality will try not to draw too much attention to itself until it is confident in its abilities.
He looks inward to control so that he can sue and be an authority.
This is a top notch personality and uncomfortable with gray areas.
She's looking for the foundation.
He is open to hearing the other,
to be taught or to guide,
But only when it is clear that following the other will lead to domination and control.
In the lower trigram, the first three rows are not necessarily ready or open to the second.
This is evident in the security strategy of this profile.
To be a covetous authority;
Want to be an authority;
Willing to be dependent on reaching a point where,
she can be in control and be self-sufficient;
Be a partner.
Remember that the profile sets a goal.
For a 1/3 profile,
weakness and strength are everything.
It is important to understand this in genetic terms.
The weak must be tied to the strong.
In this way only the species can survive and remain healthy.
1/3 identifies weakness in itself in others and also strength.
It's a personality that is healthy when it's ready.
The issue of first-line personality is not to be overwhelmed by the outside and the other,
But to look deeply for the foundation of things in order to provide its power,
its inner strength.
It needs to develop inner strength.
The emotional system of 1/3 echoes weakness and strength.
The personality is emotionally weak and insecure when it is not ready.
When it did not do its introverted homework.
Power is derived from introspection and preparation.
We humans have a muse.
It separates us from the cat and the flower.
The nature of the first-line personality is to the muse,
Seek the basis of things,
find power in the perception of the basis of things.
This contemplation is not idle,
but seeks a solitary wonder in order to survive.
The whole is not simply the whole greater than the sum of its parts,
but a sequence.
This is a large cycle that is larger than,
the living whole and that the great mystery would not be called,
so if it were easy to unravel them.
The 1/3 profile has no guarantee that the base will catch or that power,
and survival will be the direct prize.
Beneath the one personality lies an unconscious third line,
Ready to leap as soon as the personality is frustrated in its process.
The third line is the line of trial and error.
This is the bond line created and broken.
Though the personality may be looking for the deep foundations of things,
When that element cannot be established,
After all, the unconscious begins its process of searching,
through trial and error for something else.
It starts looking for another place and experimenting and discovering.
When one personality can not grasp the foundation,
The unconscious third line will automatically challenge the validity of the element,
And if necessary you will stand as shahid (Islam) (shahid).
In a challenge to the same authority.
This is an issue of anarchy.
The third line carries this theme.
True anarchy is the recognition that the foundation,
Defective and must be destroyed,
Although there is no clear substitute for the same basis,
Here the unconscious can claim authority,
opposing authority.
It does not matter if it is justified or not.
The subject of the third line of trial and error is an evolutionary movement.
This is an evolutionary impulse.
Some challenges to authority will lead to martyrs enriching the life of totality.
In search of the element through the third line,
Unaware of trial and error,
The variety of ways leading to the truth are examined.
1/3 with his personal focus encountered difficulties in intimate relationships.
He experiences relationships in terms of weakness and strength.
Should be in control,
he is looking for a compatible partner.
With a focus on authority,
being the boss,
He is willing to break the bond,
and break the bond as soon as he feels he has lost control.
A bit like the old stereotype of marriage,
The husband's name pretends to be strong,
And the woman pretends to be weak.
We all stand, so to speak, on the shoulders of 1/3.
No matter what anyone else experiences or teaches,
If they can not experience it for themselves,
They will never be able to gain power from it.
It is said that true knowledge is valuable only,
when it can be established through personal experimentation.
Once caught,
it can be explained to others.
The nature of human design,
the nature of being yourself,
is about the value of the experiment.
The purpose of 1/3 is to clearly determine whether the foundation,
the basic  Valid or not.
If she can not find authority,
her unconscious will require trial and error to find a basis,
Find a truth that really works.
This is a key in understanding our evolution,
and in the basis of the profile.
There is no possibility of stagnation.
That at the beginning of the beginning.
the element by its very nature cannot,
be complete and that the third line,
The unconscious,
will always be ready to challenge any base that does not work.
The conscious side (1) shows the researcher trying to get to the bottom of things,
And eventually become an authority with their fundamental foundation.
The unconscious side (3) shows an anarchist entity.
Once they see the base for the lines they are ready to eliminate it and make room for renewal.
A solid base and a secure base on all levels are very important here.
People with a 1/3 profile in their design have an internal focus.
They are driven to explore and look at the results of their experiences internally.
They may often ask the conscious mind the question,"How did this affect me?".
The first line in the profile,
the 1 prevents discovering the details around any potential interaction.
The details provide a basis and stability on which the first-line personality resides.
An example of this could be a vacation.
The first line you will often want to know:
where they are staying;
What activities in the local environment;
How are they going to get from and to the airport and more.
The answer to these questions may lead to,
further questions until this basis is reached.
Not all first lines are created equal.
Some,Their need for details will be increased,
by the other aspects of their design.
The third line in the profile prevents learning,
through experience or experiments.
Again their results are analyzed in the section,
"What effect did I have on?.
It's an experience of things that work well,
and things that do not work so well.
The third line is clever about the best way to do things,
Once wisdom occurs,
The third line will want to repeat the positive results,
And minimize or eliminate the negative or unproductive experiences.
The aspects of 1/3 profile are provided to us by experts.
How to do things and more importantly how not to!
You can hear 1/3 say "Oh don 't do this,
I tried it and it was a disaster.
Do it this way." - Profile 1/3
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