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Profile 2/4

Profile  2/4 -

Profile 2/4: 
Hermit Opportunist
Hermit / Opportunist

In our introduction to the profile base we saw that the second line,
Is the main floor of the house with its windows at street level.
The personality of the second row brings transparency.
This allows after looking and seeing.
Mystically, this is the line of engagement.
This is the missionary's profile:
The potential of personality to be read along with the unconscious need leads to externalization.
It is the possibility and need to be called to interact personally with the world and externalize the conversation.
Since the second row is transparent,
Others will look inside and see what the second row actually does not see itself.
Whenever the second line is as a subject in personality or unconscious,
Education is absolutely essential.
The need for education is that when the second line is called,
It does not collapse and becomes a paper tiger.
This is not a first-line topic that will naturally seek the education that will be qualified.
It does not want to be introverted.
The second line does not care about these things.
The second-line personality is busy with her business.
It does not really enjoy being disturbed.
To be called to something there is a duty,
a responsibility on it,
that he must learn something.
She must leave her sheltered shelter,
Where she can run her own business.
This means he has to enter a world that he is not fully equipped to meet.
It is important to remember that in the modern world education is equivalent to power since ignorance is equivalent to weakness.
And the second-line profile has no natural tendency to explore.
It would just like to be left alone to deal with life existentially.
This is the monastic personality;
Do their thing until they call,
Waiting for an opportunity she does not know is waiting for her,
Because she can not see her potential.
This is a bottom trigram line.
It's always a surprise that someone can look in his window,
And see in them something he cannot see for himself.
It can also be disturbing and distracting.
The other's recognition of them,
"you will be great in this or that, etc."
Launches the Hermit on his way.
The life success of a 2/4 profile will be determined by the reading of others.
The trick is to get the call right through their strategy.
Combine this with the acceptance of learning and it can bring benefits.
Remember that the correct entry for each situation,
Whether it's a relationship or a career,
will depend on the mechanics of the genre.
The 2/4 generator will have to wait for a response.
Demonstrator 2/4 will have to announce​​ Before it works.
Subject of the second line,
And in this case the second-line personality,
He is democratic in nature.
Not only democratically,
but on an unconscious level,
Through the fourth line,
she is ready to resign.
He is willing to wait for the opportunity.
It is ready to be run by others.
It does not really want to be involved.
The unconscious nevertheless transferred the established foundation.
The second-line personality is the one who settles for the majority to rule.
Being existential in nature,
it is not easily driven.
He may just not vote at all to save himself the cost of involvement and usually exempt.
Remember to call the subject.
With no line  Transpersonal consciousness in the fourth row.
There will be considerable social interaction.
Called for friendship.
The second-line personality is fundamentally shy.
It calls for daring in the other and it is his strategy to find friendship.
The second line,
unlike the first line personality,
is not haunting.
It is a Hermit,
unaware of the quality within him that can attract the other,
And waiting for someone to look into their cave and say "you are for me".
This is an irony that calling 2/4 can often cause fanaticism,
To prejudice and fatigue.
Because they are meant to be called,
They are called so often and in so many ways throughout life.
They can be excessive and exhausted.
They, from the unconscious level,
seek harmony.
But the second-line personality finds her greatest harmony in just being left alone.
The line subjects in the profile also bring us genetic strategies,
strategies for intimacy.
2/4 must wait for the benefit of the other.
The other's need to vent himself may lead to the realization of intimacy.
Be the secret or not.
Friendship as a necessary condition before sexual intimacy can be formed.
All fourth-row topics are meant to seek out girlfriends to ultimately establish sexual intimacy.
And for those of you who carry issues in the fourth row,
In personality or design,
it is so important to avoid,
From the frustration of trying to be a first being.
There to continue exploring.
The second line is inherently shy.
It is inherently shy as a strategy.
It's a bottom trigram.
It is not equipped to recognize that the other can really be there.
It has to wait for them to call.
Her unconscious lies in friendship,
And it is friendship that begins the possibility of intimacy.
When you carry a fourth row,
Remember that every time you befriend someone it is basically a genetic strategy for intimacy.
Through intimacy friendship is eventually possible.
The second-line personality base should be called.
The result is a security strategy of being nourishing or containing.
In their existential life,
when engaged in their own business,
When unread,
2/4 drains resources.
Once called,
he has the opportunity to become a feeder,
To be able to feed oneself,
and to be able to feed others.
At the beginning of his reading,
he will be forced to drain the resources of others,
To be able to establish his own power.
It is the basis of our human consciousness to express through language.
Words carry harmful values and these values are related to culture and time.
Please remember that the universe and everything it contains is of a dualistic nature.
The mind and body correspond to this reality,
And as such humans live in a binary Maya that is fundamentally moral.
It is too easy to bring moral opinions to terms like nourishment and depletion.
Mechanics is moral.
Pros and cons are simply different points of view.
the depletion of the resources of his nourishing benefactor.
Progress and retreat is the key to the Hermit.
This is the key to the second line topic.
Withdrawal and unread can lead to an existential life of perfect order.
It's not that this profile must receive the calls it receives during its lifetime.
There are people on the other line who never get the call,
And yet they live their existence in relative harmony,
Without comparison,
without anyone looking in their window and drawing attention to themselves and their lives.
They can be peaceful in their process.
Their basic intuition is to focus on what is relatively pure.
What is corrupt or what cannot be corrupted.
This guides 2/4 in evaluating the value or quality of each call.
She will not leave the sanctity of her cave without absolute certainty that conversation is her destiny.
With this profile, avoiding struggle is a major issue.
2/4 just wants them to be allowed to go on with his life with as few interruptions as possible.
It will hear the other and his stories.
The fourth unconscious line demands that he become safe,
But he does not want to be told what to do or not to do.
The 2/4 will invest tremendous energy just in maintaining the status quo.
Why rock the boat when it brings only the unknown, struggle and problems?
The personality of the second line is determined by her awareness.
Because it is not introspective,
He no doubt accepts what has already been established.
For this reason 2/4 is a profile
Of potential realization power.
If or when they receive and echo the call,
They become,
Sinners who become saints.
Alcoholics for tea drinkers.
In the principle of the structure of the hexagram,
The first,
third and fifth lines are wine or feminine character.
The second,
fourth and sixth rows are Young.
Profile 2/4 is the first yang profile.
It is common to call it, but rare to answer.
Personality of the second line,
Once she gets a call,
You are forced to accept a new foundation and through the fourth line unconsciously externalize.
When others look at their cave and witness their change,
It can have a profound and lasting effect.
There's an old mystical joke.
A mystical joke best suited for a 2/4 profile.
"Stupid before enlightenment and stupid after."
2/4 will not consider their Saturi,
Will not consider their change.
They will intuitively return to their existential lives in the hope of finally being left alone.
People who have a 2/4 profile,
The Hermit / Opportunist needs a balance of being alone and being social.
These people are very often socially integrated,
And they have a bubbly or intriguing personality.
These people are the kind who can start a conversation with anyone.
The second row of the profile is called The Hermit since it is necessary to be alone or solitary.
Part of the importance of time alone is to allow a combination of ideas and experiences to exist.
The 2nd line needs to be outside the energy of others for this important integration to take place.
However the 2nd line is not a successful Hermit because others recognize that a second row man cannot live in a cave.
Thus, the line-2 are extended orders and are invited from their Hermit environment.
The 4th line in the profile is opportunistic and through opportunities,
Comes through the network that this person is connected to.
For the person on line 4,
It is important to be constantly aware of opportunities that may present themselves,
Through friends, family, colleagues, etc.
In this regard,
the person in the 4th line requires stability and grounding within the core components of their network.
This foundation should be stable in the core areas of work,
housing and relationships.
Most 4-lines will be seen to establish the new opportunity before disconnecting the old one.
With a sample job,
4 'lines will usually secure the new work before you announce it 
In their current workplace.
If they move apartment they will align with the new location before moving out of their current housing.
The same can be said about a person's line 4 relationships.

פרופיל 2/4 (Profile 2/4) - - Profile 2/4
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