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Profile 2/5

Profile 2/5  -

Profile 2/5:
Hermit Heretic.
Hermit / Heretic.

In 2/5,
the second line of personality remains.
We have seen the meaning of this personality in the reading.
It is important to remember that you can not avoid calling,
And that the conversations themselves may be more irritating than enlightened.
Such a personality tends to pay attention to her business,
and expects that in others.
The tendencies of the Hermit,
on the other hand,
are undermined by the unconscious and its social direction.
It can lead to a personality resigning from the majority,
Get a new base and hope that once that is done he will be left alone.
Because the expected attitude of the second-line personality is democratic,
We can see in this profile what the Americans call the silent majority.
Powerful conformist forces and the status quo.
To be endowed with this profile is to have the opportunity in life to deeply influence others.
To be a force to be reckoned with in the lives of others.
This is not the loneliness that emphasizes the issue of the fourth direction.
The direction of the fifth line is attractiveness.
In the hexagram structure,
The first line expresses the essential nature,
And the fifth line is what is projected as the essential nature by others.
In the metaphor of the hexagram as a home,
The fifth line is the second floor and its windows overlook the street below.
Unlike the second row with its clear view to anyone passing by,
The windows above are a mystery.
There is something to see and yet no way to see it.
And there is no way to know for sure if they are visible or not while they are busy trying to see!
This line 5 is not the Hermit.
This is not the fourth line with its opportunistic character.
Profile 2/5 is the Hermit / heretic.
When he is called, he will not simply be fired and change his way of being in the present.
He will try to lead  The conversation as a general,
Ready to burn on the stake in honor of the call.
Mystically this is the fifth line that calls for others.
To maintain a fifth line of unconsciousness, regardless of personality,
is to always be subject to the projection of others.
The aura speaks.
If you have a fifth row topic in your profile,
When you enter someone's aura,
You are prohibited from showing them immediately.
Of course the projection will be of a dualistic nature.
It will be this or that.
This will be a good consequence or a negative consequence,
and the net result always affects the reputation.
The fifth line calls for a second.
In this profile the unconscious can call the conscious to action.
The commands of an inner voice.
True universal conversation is rare.
But that's the issue at the heart of this profile.
The fifth line carries with it the quality of the rule.
In the language of human design,
it is the general according to the Athenian model.
In ancient Athens,
When democracy and Democrats have failed to defend or guide the city,
A general was elected and proposed absolute dictatorial power,
as long as the problem was required to be resolved.
Once this was achieved, the general was expected to resign in favor of democracy.
The democratic issue of the second line,
Runs all the way.
only when the majority is in crisis,
2/5 has an option.
Only in times of crisis,
She can have the call,
Change and start calling others.
Keep in mind that if you are carrying a fifth row theme in your design it requires practicality.
It requires practical solutions.
When calling profile 2/5,
If no practical application can be seen in the call,
This it can only cause failure and it can only cause the reputation to deteriorate by 2/5.
The unconscious fifth line carries the theme of the Savior.
Anyone drawn to an openness of 2/5 will expect to be saved by reading it.
If not,
they will call them tempting and they will burn them on the stake.
For this reason it is essential that the fifth lines be pragmatic and practical (i.e. for themselves).
This determines whether 2/5 are going to be involved in universality.
It is interesting to note that profile 2/4,
which has mostly changed,
Can return home safely and run his business.
When profile 2/5 stays in his house too long,
It can attract suspicion and mistrust or disappointment,
and disillusionment on the part of the expectant majority.
Profile 2/5 has a basic dilemma.
Her other line personality wants to be left alone.
It just wants to be able to run its own business.
there is a deep capacity to be able to lead and guide others in his ability to universal.
When calling profile 2/5 and then calling others,
Projected on them to be the selfless distributors,
And put practical value into the lives of those they call.
When they are alone,
are not called or refuse to call others,
The prediction is that they are selfish hamsters and do not care.
Without reading,
they will usually respond with discipline.
But after calling them,
They can lead any revolt against any standard and at any cost.
As with all profiles,
Profile 2/5 should work according to its type.
The type is about to determine the basis for proper entry into things.
It is important to recognize that once you live the mechanics of your kind,
Let your profile, your goal, flow naturally.
It has nothing to do with you having to do nothing but identify and experiment.
A 2/5 profile that works according to its design will have chances.
She will also be able to call,
And also call others,
And enjoy the fruits of the positive predictions that result,
from their ability to bring others to a practical solution.
Is it an illusion or a closure?
The 2/5 and 5/2 profiles can add a magnetic and seductive quality to their personality.
While it can draw others in,
It can also create heaviness or pressure associated with the projection of the fifth line.
Eventually the 2/5 and 5/2 will have to escape,
From stress and keep their time of loneliness away from energy.
Let us consider the effects of these two lines.
Like we said,
the fifth line is positive.
It radiates energy inwards,
And yet the orientation of the fifth line looks outward,
Observes and wants to communicate with others.
The result of this internal projection and outward view,
creates a magnetic vortex and other people are drawn to see what it is all about.
But since this is a screening,
The features within the projection are not always real or substantial.
There is a potential for interpretation by others which is an illusion.
Others often assume a quick discount as to the fifth line person.
However, this quick assessment lacks depth,
And in time may come as a surprise or judgment,
When the person in the fifth row does not match the assumption.
This interaction can create pressure on the fifth line
And they will seek to withdraw the projection quotas so that they will not be judged.
The second line is called the Hermit.
So with the second row profile it is also necessary to retreat.
This need, however,
is fueled not by pressure but by the need for time alone to assimilate.
Anything a second line encounters,
whether it's knowledge,
personal interactions,
Or physical control of a new skill,
The second line needs time or alone to incorporate the information or new experience.
But the second line also produces energy projection that goes out.
Mixed with the inner direction of the other line,
This energy acts like a lighthouse that others are drawn to call.
So try as much as you can in the second row you will get invitations to go out and play.
Because of the interactions of the forecasts,
The magnetic attraction of others,
The pressure to be alone and the need to assimilate,
2/5 and 5/2 are social creatures,
But it can take time to get to know them.
You need to peel the so-called onion,
Go deep into their skin.

פרופיל 2/5  (Profile 2/5) -
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