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Profile 3/5

Profile 3/5 -

Profile 3/5: 
Martyr Heretic
Martyr / Heretic - Upper Lower Trigram

We have seen that the hexagram can be divided into a trigram,

Bottom or personal and top or transpersonal trigram.

Profile 3/5 - - A-B-C Trigram

The six rows are divided into two groups of three so.
The hexagram can also be divided by binary,

That is, three groups of two such rows:

When we come to this first third line profile of 3/5,
We come to the second binary (see illustrations Above),
in the hexagram structure.
The third and fourth lines are inherently weak.
That is,
they are prone to change.
In the first two lines,
in the initial binary,
The principle of the first line is wine,
the true material element of the hexagram.
In this second kibbutz of two rows,
The first line (the third line in total) is Young in principle.
Although the third line is still directed inward,
it is designed to collide constantly with the second.
This is a preparation for the transition that will take place in the next line,
In motion to the upper trigram and in the transpersonal process.
In the third row there are no natural transpersonal gifts.
The other is something they knock on or knock on.
In our metaphor of the hexagram as a home,
Between the third and fourth rows one can imagine a spiral staircase.
It is the potential to move from the internal to the external process.
The third-row personality has the key to adaptation.
It is this line through its foundation that expresses the full nature of the lower trigram.
This is the first floor finish in the house.
In his blood is the potential, through the fifth line of unconsciousness,
for universalism.
However, not ready after, it is often naive in its assumptions.
The personality of the third line is a subject of trial and error.
Any attempt at universality from the subjective must withstand resistance.
The personality of the third row is not as rigid as the fourth row.
It is not inherently fixed.
It is built to bend,
to adapt.
When its universal attempts fail or are delivered,
Because of their subjectivity in the encounter with the other, they can adapt.
They have a chance to learn from their mistakes.
We live in a culture where mistakes are considered something negative and should be avoided.
We are punished for the mistakes we make.
Extremely we are humiliated or even abused.
So many people who carry third-line issues suffer in this life from a supposed failure.
Mistakes are interpreted as failure.
But the issue is trial and error.
Through this theme mistakes are not negative,
But a process that can lead to profound results.
It is very common in scientific research that a mistake leads to much discovery.
Children carrying third-line subjects,
Are subject to negative conditioning as a result of trial and error pattern in their process.
Understanding that this is their way we can transcend guilt and guilt.
Through various experiments we discover and grow.
Only through mistakes and breaking ties can they finally win.
This is not a problem.
This is their mechanical way and their purpose is fulfilled through trial and error.
If you have children carrying subjects from the third line,
Make sure they are well protected when exercising.
Third rows bump and bump into things.
Make sure they have on the elbow pads and knee pads,
And on the helmet before they walk out the door.
Otherwise, something sure will put them in or they will collide with it.
Without understanding their mechanics they will walk out the door with expected consequences.
They will have to endure the blame placed on them for not paying attention.
"Why do you always have to screw up?",
Is what they will have to endure.
Understanding your profile, like understanding your type,
Is the ability to be able to surrender peacefully to your process.
It has nothing to do with judging it.
It has nothing to do with morality whether it carries a third line or not,
it is good or bad. This is a way.
As the profiles progress,
3/5 This is the first time we see a movement of a line from the unconscious to the conscious,
From design to personality.
We started with 1/3.
We started with the third line as an unconscious subject,
And now we have the three as the theme of personality.
In the perspective of totality,
Only when both the personality and the design qualities of the line are expressed,
The true potential of his nature can appear.
In the bottom trigram,
the personal experience of the first three lines,
Only the third line is unique to the expression of the two situations.
If they were looking for a central key to the lower trigram, it would be adaptive.
The basic need for a solid foundation is the personality requirement.
we move in space.
The great law of evolution is that a mutation can never be avoided.
In this context,
all the foundations are laid on fragile soil and in order to survive,
adaptation is essential.
This negative point of view of the subject of the third line of trial and error,
Of mistakes, is a real misrepresentation.
Without this trial and error,
there would be no real genetic possibility for the mutation.
In profile 1/3,
the unconscious martyr was deep beneath an introverted personality.
In profile 3/5 we have a saint personality.
We have an anarchist personality.
Beneath the surface on the unconscious level,
there is a nature of heresy.
To get this profile,
one needs to have a good sense of balance.
The fifth line of projection works powerfully at the unconscious level.
The other radiates at 3/5,
And expects from the unconscious the general to bring practical solutions,
That Universal would succeed,
only to find an anarchist personality.
Profile 3/5 is constantly burned on the stake.
It is not the same as the dramatic conversion of the 2/5,
a rarity in the population.
In 3/5 it is an ongoing drama of anticipation and disappointment.
The expectation involved in personal observation,
Being part of the lower trigramic theme,
And the disappointment that comes when one knocks on the other,
and deepens what she thought was right,
Dissolves in contact with the influence of the other.
The third line always leads to pessimism.
Profile 3/5 Pessimistic view of the other,
And yet beneath the surface is the unconscious savior,
With his possible Messiah fantasies.
3/5 are struggling in his life.
Again, this is not a place for morality,
whether it is good or bad karma.
It is in fact the personal destiny of the 3/5 Universal,
to put his point of view in any way she can.
This is after all a necessary role.
Someone with a 3-5 profile in human design had to take the results of their experiences,
And use them to radiate change and what they see as true to the rest of the world.
In human form the third line is called the martyred saint,
and the fifth line is called the ransom.
The following explains why this profile bears such heavy names.
The third-row profile prevents one,
from experiencing certain things or placing oneself in situations so,
that they can have an experience from which they extract truths.
This process has an internal or self-focus.
When they go through it they are constantly referring,
to what is revealed and how it affects them.
Once the effect is synthesized,
they share the results with the world or at least,
With their local community.
Because society judges some experiments as failures,
The third line carries the monk of a martyred saint.
The fifth line kicks in to share the results,
of these experiments / experiences in a projected way.
In a broadcast like a movie projector they not only say "here's what I learned",
But also add,
"So you have to change your behavior or yourself to enjoy the truth I discovered."
The fifth line prevents creating this change,
Often designed to change the behavior of others.
This prediction also causes it to be absolute,
as in the "I know it's true" section.
since this energy is projected,
it must be ordered.
People do not want change unless they are ready for it.
If the prognosis of the fifth row is not invited,
The person in the fifth row may feel the oppression of rejection or the insult of disregard.
This is why the fifth line carries the moniker of the ransom.
Profile 3/5 can be one of the harder profiles to feel in harmony with the rest of humanity.
Between the screening that is not always invited and the experiments being tested,
The 3/5 person can feel pressure from the world to retreat to get out of the heat.
the fifth line is determined to make a change and push the 3/5 out there,
To radiate the way.
It is interesting to think that 3/5 does not convert,
it does not change its view.
It strives to be consistent.
It adapts after.
He is trying to figure out how to make after agreeing with it.
The adaptation is socially directed,
not conceptual.
I'm right,
they are wrong and when they know me they will see that I am right.
They are meant to express the lower trigram themes,
Which may in fact benefit much of humanity and are worthy of preservation.
They can be selfish distributors who bring discipline to chaos.
Through their ability to make mistakes,
survive the mistakes,
Through trial and error,
they learn to deal with chaos.
They learn to find a way through it.
3/5, true or false,
Discovers that without verification and acceptance of the other,
That their process is meaningless.
The commitment and security strategies of a third-line profile,
are relationships made and broken.
The stereotype of the selfish seducer.
They do not have a natural gift like the fourth row,
to successfully form relationships and friendships.
They have the ability,
through others projected on them,
to entice them into their perception.
Lure them into their own way,
for their own purpose.
But existence with the other is selfish in nature.
The lower trigram does not understand the transpersonal experience.
The third line recognizes through knocks a second,
that if she does not understand how the other is ticking,
She will not be able to move her thing.
This is his learning process.
Out of this learning process emerges the dilemma of all the third lines.
How to maintain relationships.
This is the bond breaking line.
This is the divorce line.
This is the line of departure.
The intimacy of the subject of the third line is a calculated friendship,
Rooted in supporting such heresy.
The rapid breaking of membership occurs when its general authority is challenged.
Despite what sounds negative in this description,
mechanically it is true.
Yes 3/5 will seek and insist loyalty to their base.
They will actually use their ability to attract others for selfish motives.
But who will say they are wrong?
Adaptation is a central theme in life itself.
At each of the critical points in the hexagram structure,
the influence of the three is felt.
This is the beginning, the middle and the end.
The first profile is 1/3.
The final profile of the lower trigram is 3/6.
The final profile of the structure is 6/3.
Adaptation, trial and error, mistakes,
is the evolutionary path.

Profile - 3/5
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