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Profile 4/1

Profile 4/1 -

Profile 4/1: 
Opportunist Investigator.
Opportunist / Investigator.

As we have seen,
the fourth row is the element of the upper trigram.
This is the foundation of what becomes a transpersonal experience.
The ability to be able to communicate with others.
Transpersonal quality is a direct result of the recognition,
that fulfillment lies in another.
The upper trigram,
like the upper octave in music,
sits with its parallel counterparts below.
The fourth row is the element of the upper trigram,
is in harmony with the first row,introspection,
the element of the lower trigram.
The fourth line, as a result,
linked to the first line at the unconscious level,
Is not inherently stable and extremely rigid.
It is so permanent that it can break.
The 4/1 as a profile is neither this nor that.
It's not really a lower trigram in the sense that he's only involved himself,
And he's not really transpersonal.
Its quality is to be deeply fixed.
The 4/1 is not statistically abundant towards me population.
Most people are not here to be fixed like 4/1 profiles.
If we can look at the first three lines as one related to personal destiny,
And the fifth and sixth lines are related to transpersonal karma,
Our interaction and fulfillment through the other,
So 4/1 as a profile has a fixed fate.
It is neither personal,
nor transpersonal.
From all profiles,
It is best suited to the image of a fixed train by the rails on which it sits.
His job in this life is to convey the true essence of the hexagram,
Through her ability,
through her personality the fourth line of the ability to communicate with others.
In a way,
The lower trigram can be viewed as research and development,
And on the top trigram as human resources and marketing.
Profile 4/1 is what brings this regular basis,
by which human resources and marketing can be developed.
This is the first harmony in the profile we meet,
I.e. 1 and 4 are in harmony.
We have already seen the personality of the first line with an unconscious fourth line in 1/4.
Through the 1/4 profile we had an authoritative personality,
with an opportunistic excommunication design.
In this profile the majority can be challenged on the authority,
Which leads to resignation and an opportunity for further development.
In this way the foundation becomes exposed and open to growth.
The 4/1 profile may look harmonious, but in expression it is very different.
The fourth-row personality may give up,
But in the blood beneath is the authority that does not move.
Giving up becomes social techniques.
You can tell profile 4/1 whatever you like,
And given sufficient social pressure they will bend to flow,
But within them and as soon as they were left alone,
They will return to their constant perspective,
Because that's really what their body,
or their composition,
is about that value.
A unique 4/1 profile in its regularity.
It is neither this nor that and carries as a result a unique geometry of a fixed destiny.
All things move in space.
The nature of the way in which the individual movement choreographs the totalitarian dance,
Operates using three different geometries.
Destiny, Fate, and Karma.
These common terms have been corrupted in their meanings.
We saw it,
Fate is a geometry of personal,
inward-looking involvement.
Karma is Transpersonal Geometry,
Geometry determined by the other and by it.
Both fate and karma have many variations.
Only through profile 4/1 do we see an expression of one variation of fate.
In 4/1 is the harmony of the two elements of the lower and lower trigrams.
This is the opportunistic personality waiting for the opportunity to look inside,
Always checking the foundation,
always ready in her ability to be able to get along with others,
Be able to establish this foundation for them in their lives.
Because it is so permanent it is the only profile that can really be broken.
Remember the train analogy: if you bend 4/1 too much they will go off the rails.
And being broken,
like the Humpty Dumpty,
they are unable to return all the parts again.
The secret to the mental survival of a 4/1 profile is the benefits,
derived from a normal relationship.
The only way to have the right relationships in his life,
Is if one enters into these relationships correctly.
One can enter into these relationships correctly just by respecting the mechanics of your type.
Profile 4/1 seems to be a difficult role in this life,
But in fact they have a tremendous gift for being able to fill their lives,
In all sorts of people for whom they are directly beneficial to those people in their power.
So often we are deeply impressed by the belief that 4/1 expresses.
When the 4/1 always took their opportunity to look inside to make sure the foundation was right,
If they enter into relationships,
by their type they will be able to externalize the knowledge they carry.
This is a fulfillment for them.
The 4/1 personality is willing to accept that maybe someone or something is right.
They must do something about it just to find out,
The only pointed direction in their lives that can not and will not bend.
This is an archetype of purposeful friendliness.
There is a deep unconscious empathy for the other,
But fatigue also exists in an actual relationship.
The 4/1 is always under pressure to adjust after but they can not.
It is a role of alone,
clinging to this path despite the conditioning forces.
The most powerful conditioning forces are always man's lover.
The 4/1 profile login strategy is to be the secret or not,
It is the key character of friendship as a precondition for intimacy.
It will depend on their type whether they will be the persecutors or the persecuted,
But the very permanence of the 4/1 may prevent the connection.
It's a profile that revolves around.
It is better to find her opportunities.
This is the profile of the journey out into the world,
And shone from the coveted dependence of protected youth,
on the independent and potential benefactor of others.
Eyes looking ahead,
testifying to the world without putting on makeup.
This is a world of harsh reality.
Membership becomes a necessary armor and a basis for education.
School for hard knocks.
At the unconscious level,
this profile is very aware of strength and weakness in themselves and others.
This is the foundation of their security and purpose.
They can smell weakness and as an opportunist can take full advantage of it.
At the heart of the 4/1 profile consciousness is the recognition,
of the inherent corruption in all things.
In practice they learn to fight along the way,
no matter what is required.
They learn quite a few tricks along the way.
This is the power of their constant destiny.
Willing to bend,
but never giving up.
With this profile the world is explored and revealed.
1/4 and 4/1 profiles are embedded in the base.
For these personalities to function they need a fundamental foundation,
on which they can rely as they spread outward to others.
The difference between these two lines is the orientation.
The first line is directed towards an internal base of information,
Whereas the fourth line is directed to the outer element of the key aspects of life.
The first line is also known as a researcher.
The researcher is prevented from knowing details.
This is why a first-rate person asks a lot of questions.
Although examining and asking questions,
the first line builds a platform on which they can base their actions.
Most of the first lines that are going to work with people,
whether it is on one or as a teacher for many,
will take multiple classes or workshops until they feel the foundation is complete.
Part of that is feeling comfortable.
Often they will not reach their level of comfort,
until their investigation has revealed a deep amount of detail.
The fourth line is also known as the opportunist.
The opportunity lies at the base of the Line 4 personnel network.
Through their network,
the fourth lines will usually find work,
meet their significant other,
find their home or place of residence.
The foundation of the fourth line is their friends,
co-workers, home, family, role and the groups they are part of.
Because of this fourth row there often seems to be a replacement in the row before moving on.
When they do move from friends, job, or location,
they will likely quickly hold on to at least one of those other basics.
for example. If they move to a new city,
they will probably hold tight with old friends or family,
until they settle in the new city and start building a new group of friends.
So what is the difference between these two profiles?
The difference is that 1/4 will be more inward or more focused,
and increasingly driven to accept details and experience.
The 4/1 will focus more outwardly on interpersonal interaction with inquiry as second nature.
4/1 will usually allow 1/4 to ask the questions,
so that they can enjoy the information detailed in the answer.

4/1 פרופיל (Profile 4/1) -
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