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Profile 4/6

Profile 4/6 -

Profile 4/6:
Opportunist Role Model.
Opportunist / Role Model.

​The 4/6 profile has exceptional geometry.
Here we have the first personality that is in the top trigram,
the fourth row personality.
Although 4/6 is part of the upper trigram and the transpersonal process,
Its role is to complete the personal process that began in profile 1/3.
The fourth row profile is one of the exceptions.
This is a field that combines the right angle.
To the left angle Angle.
The lower trigram ends on 3/6.
When we reach 4/6 it is no longer a lower trigram,
and it belongs to the upper trigram.
But this is still the right angle.
The right angle is the personal destiny.
It has to do with being self-absorbed in the process itself.
The 4/6 is all transpersonal,
In his ranks but he is not a transpersonal profile.
4/6 is an opportunistic personality who uses her transpersonal gifts,
It is able to create friendships,
communicate the values of the lower trigram,
and thus fulfill its personal destiny.
We have seen the distance and lack of interest inherent in the sixth line,
And that they rarely lead to involvement.
The nature of the sixth line transition is coding and evaluation,
and then a judgment on what is predetermined.
At the end of the lower trigram through profile 3/6,
The six appreciate and qualify the trial and error of the three.
But in the top trigram through the fourth row of the externalization,
the process is different.
Where the third row will check the element,
the fourth row is only interested in externalization.
When six steps the base qualities below three,
It ranks the mechanics of social interaction below four.
In this sense,
the fourth-row personality receives the foundation established,
through the lower trigram process unquestionably.
What matters now is whether the message can be conveyed.
4/6 has only one question.
Can I convey my truth after?
It's not whether I have the truth.
This is whether I have the skills to make other people accept it.
Wherever we see the fourth line,
We encounter the ability to influence others.
The missionary quality of determination and constant attention.
Profile 1/4 and profile 2/4 both carry this potential in the blood.
Here's the personality.
The 4/6 is aware of his need to,
communicate and restrained by his sixth line is unaware.
The fourth line is always the opportunist.
The opportunist is always ready to resign,
ready to succumb to the pressure of the majority.
the 4/6 can not afford to succumb to any challenge in its authority,
it will shatter.
It therefore retains the lone role of alone,
and avoids contact with those who are unsure.
Social perfection lies in finding allies who embrace the 4/6 profile,
socially or agree with or avoid challenging the basic concepts of 4/6.
The whole externalization mechanism of the 4/6 is the tension between,
the desire to be left alone so as not to be threatened.
The unconscious demands distance while,
longing at the level of personality for quality friendships.
The fourth-row connection strategy is to be a secret man or not.
It becomes safe, which prevents visible sexual character.
Membership is the dominant issue.
At the unconscious level,
the sixth line seeks wholeness in all contexts,
And willing to avoid and wait for an opportunity.
It's not uncommon for 4/6 to befriend a friend's partner,
Become close friends and eventually have an affair.
Before the sixth line can commit,
they must first observe and reflect from a distance.
They can not successfully just jump into a relationship.
Watching someone else in a long-term relationship,
In their friends or in their friend's spouse,
They can appreciate the person and his qualities,
And in finding suppliers they can then begin to dream that they can be their partner.
The main question at the heart of a 4/6 profile is whether there is anyone he can trust.
As a result, one of the dominant issues in 4/6 life is corruption.
Words have their power.
Corruption is a term that is misunderstood,
if it can only be seen through moral lenses.
For example, is a judge who corrupts the law good or bad?
Let us imagine that the tribe law determined from communal values,
And what is maintained over time is that,
if you are caught stealing bread you will cut off your left hand.
A judge presiding over such a case and despite clear evidence that the crime was committed,
Refusing to apply the traditional law,
can mostly be seen as corrupting the law.
Profile 4/6 fears any challenge in its law.
It is better to be alone than to be corrupt,
But it did not move to corrupt others to bring them to its values.
The fourth-row personality must externalize its,
foundation and not allow harm to that foundation.
The unconscious sixth line,
in its distancing,
has in it to guide and be in judgment.
Despite the 4/6 profile transpersonal gifts and personality ability,
to easily form friendships,
they suffer from great fatigue with reflections from others.
Companies exist so that they can establish their law,
And not listen to the laws or pay attention to the laws of others.
As with all profiles,
how the 4/6 can function successfully,
How they can find the right types of relationships to externalize the base,
Will be completely dependent on their lives for their type.
If you have access to knowledge in your profile,
That does not mean you have to actively pursue it.
It's your nature and finding your purpose,
Is a natural byproduct of your life in your design.
It is a natural byproduct of following the mechanical rules of your lifestyle.
Profile 4/6 is the only profile in the human design system,
where the two lines go through 3 different life stages.
These stages are divided into the first 28 years of life,
between 28-50, and after 50.
At birth a person born in a 4/6 profile lives as if he were a 1/3 profile.
They are researching and looking for the foundation of the first line.
They take to experimenting like a person in line 3.
They have an inward focus and take the results of their,
investigations and experiments and refer them.
For example,
"I stumbled upon a stranger quite blatantly in the park and got punched in the eye.
Why did this happen to me?"
Unfortunately for 4/6 the investigation and experiment did not work particularly well.
There is something in the geometry of energy in which,
the internalization of experiences and investigations does not sit right.
So at 28 around Saturn returns,
4/6 changes the point of view.
Instead of focusing inward,
they look "up on the roof."
From the roof 4/6 conveys their point of view for observation,
While focusing on the actions and experiences of others.
Now they are watching. They see the results of the actions of others,
And they take the results of these and attract them to themselves.
"Oh, when that person approached a stranger in the park slowly,
When their hand is outstretched,
they received him warmly. "
Now I see how I too can do it.
The 4/6 lives on the roof,
A little distant.
From the age of 28 to the age of 50,
watching and observing.
At age 50 or when their kiron returns,
4/6 go down from the roof.
They now have the wisdom of the first 28 years,
And how things do not work so well and also,
what it is like to be focused inward.
They also have a 28-50 experience and are outwardly,
focused after watching how everything works.
4/6 are ready to get into their hood.
This is not an impulsive role model.
The smart woman on the hill.

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Profile 4/6
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