Profile 5/1

Profile 5/1

Profile 5/1: Heretic Investigator

Heretic / Investigator

Investigator / Heretic


In traditional I'Ching, the fifth row is the highest.

This is the most transpersonal profile.

It is not limited to social externalization; Like 4/1, but for general universality.

The 5/1 is unique and embodies the twin reality of the hexagram.

The first line, the foundation, is the essence of what the hexagram is.

The fifth line is how the other imagines the hexagram can or should be.

The personality of the fifth line draws a projection. This is a profile of tricks.
Remember the relationship within the hexagram structure.

In the imagination of the hexagram as a house,

The second line is the main floor with the lights that everyone from the outside can look inside.

The fifth line is the second floor and the lights are off,

There you can see everyone but no one can see.

Can look inside.
Their heresy is hidden behind closed doors.

Because of this veil there is essence, a mystery that attracts projection.

The implication may be positive or negative.

The screening may be "they are the best",

The screening may be "they are the worst".

The five are always going to bring consequences.
This is a profile of the potential of the so-called superior man or woman,

They are referred to by the ancient I-Qing.

The general who can offer practical services in times of revolution or transition.

The general without an army, waiting at the end of history.

The authoritarian unconscious, always ready to oppose the element, but always wise.

From her point of view, looking out but not seen,

The 5/1 is an avid spectator in the world around them.
Their unconscious empathy is that which maps and identifies,

The influence of society on the other and is the basis for determining the right timing for involvement.

With the help of this depth, the savior personality, the subject of the fifth line,

Can find practical solutions for the other.

This issue of practicality is so important.

Without practicality, there is no way to fulfill the implication to the world.

Through practical action a 5/1 profile establishes their power and presence in the world.
It has to do with presence. Profile 5/1 always deals with their reputation.

It will always deal with the projection field around them.

Like any of these profiles, when a person lives his type,

When man lives through the mechanics of his kind,

So the capabilities inherent in the profile,

The goal in the profile, will naturally be a by-product.
The 5/1 is the dominant transpersonal profile.

In touch, the other, who felt the empathy as real,

Radiates that the 5/1 can be its savior.

In the same way, when society storms the power of the unconscious authoritarian through projection,

Becomes the possibility of the general who can restore order.

A 5/1 profile is usually creative.

It is this unique creative process that attracts so many after.

There is a feeling through contact with the unconscious,

Because there will not be the same old solutions to the ongoing problems,

But a practical application that can get effective and direct results.

This expected difference is the foundation for attractiveness.

When all else fails, they are the last resort and hope.

Clearly there is no guarantee that every 5/1 in the world will be called upon to help society.

Or if they are called they will succeed.

Projection opens the way to possibility, no more.

But every 5/1 profile in his life will be projected so that they can bring the practical solution that the other seeks.
Despite the personal natural gifts of the 5/1,

This is not an indication that they are going to jump all the time.

It's not an indication that they're going to be in a hurry all the time,

Because if they fail to cope with the screening they suffer from the anger of the other.
In contrast to the second line,

The fifth line profile knows that it has facts and that it is attractive for the other.

It still requires 5/1 to do their homework.

The first line below, the basics, requires understanding the basics.

They should be well prepared if they are called.

When the individual is defective, not only are they unlikely to be read again,

But worse: their reputation will be damaged.

If on the other hand they are willing and able to provide the practical details, their stature will increase.
They strive to be attractive,

To get the chance to universal their creative difference,
Be the example and the standard.

This is their personal heresy.

In light of this, one can see the importance of their relationship strategy.

The personality of the fifth row is based on temptation.

The goal is to entice the other to be seductive.

Entice the other to radiate on them.
For 5/1 profile scheduling it is essential.

The timing is right when you get into things right.

The 5/1 is complex.

The first line is coveted.

This is a line of introspection.

It's looking for the basis.

It wants to be.

The fifth row is stored.

The fifth line could be able to delay things,

Waiting, waiting to build the projection field, waiting for the right moment to order.
So much of the 5/1 process is behind closed doors and dark windows.

Their illusion of power,

The illusion of their expected possibilities is maintained through retreat and development during this retreat. When the unconscious is secured in its material capacity,

When it is fundamentally clear,

He will no longer be cute and he will be willing to cross beyond the veil and make himself available.

And make itself available for distribution temptation.
From the outside it will be projected that the power to spread has been there all along.

In that he does not jump into the play prematurely the 5/1 does not give up anything and gains everything.

This is really their theme.

When they are called and they recognize it  That they can fulfill it,

In fact then they will be at their best.

Then they will be appreciated by the forces around them.

How many of you 5/1 profiles are out there?

Like the title is heresy, and some of you are shaking at the idea of being burned at the stake.

But no matter what your position is in that headline,

The bottom line for you is that in this time of life the leading aspects of your personality are projected,

The fifth line is a projection that is magnetic, seductive, repulsive and it is not real.

The basis for the projection is your design energies, 

Whether they are in shock, opinions, correction, joy of life, etc.
But the implication is not that you are actively expressing your energies,

So that they stand in the interpretation of the shelter.

Since this is a perception that is almost non-verbal,

It may be inaccurate or incomplete.

So that the people you meet often form opinions or impressions of you,

That in the long run do not match the real one below this projected field.

Because of this perception dance it can be heavy,

And you are prevented from escaping the spotlight and being alone.
So lines 5 have this dilemma.

The magnetic part of you wants the spotlight,

But after you've had it for a while, you need to get out.

When you add the motivating need for change that underlies the fifth line as well,

We now have the ransom.

Someone who calls for change and yet we do not really know who you are and why you stand.

You can see the duality here.

Beauty and the Beast - all in one profile line.
When the second aspect of their profile is the first line,

The researcher, 5/1 should also find out the basics.

Using the details you can move this projection forward.

These details or skills you gain can help lay the foundation for the change you are forced to make. Comparing rows 1 to profiles 5/1 to 1/3,

5/1 will implement the investigation in a less consistent manner.

Usually 1/3 is jealous about questions and details.

Where 5/1 will investigate on a "need to know" basis.

Profile 5/1  -

(Personality) Personality: 5

  (Heretic) Infidelity - (Behavioral identity) Behavioral identity

  (General) General - (Projected attitude) Projected approach

  Savior (Limited Perspective) Limited Perspective

  (Attractiveness) Attractiveness / Attract - Aspired to Role

  Seducer / Seduced - Bonding Strategy - Bonding Strategy

  (Distributor / Hoarder) Aggregate / Distributor - (Security Strategy) Security strategy

(Design) Design: 1

  (Investigator) Researcher - (Nature) Nature

  (Authoritarian) Authoritative - (Type) Type

  Empathy - Memory

  (Creativity) Creativity - (Direction) Direction

  Pursuer / Pursed Sexuality

(Self-Provider / Coveter) Lust / Self-Security - (Humanity) Humanity