Profile 5/2

Profile 5/2

Profile 5/2: Heretic Hermit

Heretic / Hermit 

Hermit  / heretic


5/2 does not have the same certainty in terms of what projection it can live as of 5/1.

5/1 thrives on being the source of other people's predictions.

They thrive when they have the certainty in their depth, the certainty at their core.

They thrive when they can bring practical results to any conversation.

Then they are able to fulfill any projection and be able to receive their return.

5/2 does not have at the subconscious level the depth of the first line of base exploration,

To be able to support the universal gifts of his fifth-row personality.

We have already seen the opposite of this profile, 2/5.

The silent majority, carries the second line of the nickname. The monk.

Want to be left alone.

To be democratic by nature,

Willing to allow others to take care of their thing so they can be left alone to engage in their business.

For a 5/2 profile it can be annoying.

It can be inconvenient to be everyone's source of projection.

Mystically, the subject should be called the second line.

And it's not just at the national level of calling for a career or a relationship,

But on a higher level: a call that will pull one out of the earthly.

The 5/2 profile has a different process than the 5/1.

The 5/1 is busy building the base  In order to be ready.

The second line is unconscious, however,

Does not look inwardly and does not have to look for anything.

That's what it's.

The second line is already reviving it without necessarily understanding how everything works.

Just be it.

Since we did not work on it, being natural in that sense,

There is no pressure for the universal.

5/1 has a sense of accomplishment in finding the base,

That he can to universal and through that universalization they are whole.

The 5/2 assumes other people know anyway.

Why bother with universalization? For them it is the usual.

Profile 5/1 has something to prove.

Profile 5/2 has nothing to prove.

The second-row Democrat thinks,

"Why should I live up to their predictions? Why bother? Let others take on that responsibility."

The second line theme of being a monk says, "Leave me alone to live my life."

Profile 5/2 clearly recognizes that it is projected on it,

But he does not have the same sense of certainty that 5/1 develops through finding his foundation.

This uncertainty through the second line leads to the transition that will come,

When we get to the sixth row personality and complete this process.
In profile 5/1 it is written:

"I have depth, I have the foundation. Everyone is projecting on me.

I can always fulfill that and get the return.

IM ready".

Profile 5/2 reads:

"I have no access to depth.

They radiate on me and it makes me feel uncomfortable,

Because I do not know why I have to stand it. What does this bring me? "
In the bottom trigram version of this profile,
  5/2, we have the monk / heretic.

The second-line personality is absorbed in its own process, and runs its own business.

Their potential lies in reading, so that the unconscious can go out into the universal.
The 5/2 is the ransom of necessity.

This is a heretical personality, but she is behind closed doors.

The combination of the fifth-line personality waiting behind closed doors,

For the right timing to be able to be almost universally,

And the other unconscious line that he is really the monk and wants to be left alone,

Says it's rare for 2 for Universal.

They are rarely involved  Other than, when they call themselves.
Profile 5/1 prepares for the reading of others, the screening of others.

When this projection built the right energy,

This is their chance to enter the projection field and benefit.

Profile 5/2 is not waiting for the construction of this projection field.

Even if the projection field is there in the building,

He does not know this because he is doing his own business.

The 5/2 should call itself.

It should be tempting of its own.

Only when he calls himself can he get involved and really come true.

Through the potential of her fifth-line personality.
This is a profile that has receded deeply and not at all in the negative sense.

It feels whole and natural in its withdrawal from involvement.

However, at any moment, a 5/2 profile can call itself into action.

It can tempt itself to daring.

5/2 profiles are always their origin.
Is it an illusion or a closure?
The 2/5 and 5/2 profiles can add a magnetic and seductive quality to their personality.

While it can draw others in,

It can also create heaviness or pressure associated with the projection of the fifth line.

Eventually the 2/5 and 5/2 will have to escape the stress and keep their time of loneliness away from the energy.

Let us consider the effects of these two lines.

Like we said, the fifth line is positive.

It radiates energy inwards,

And yet the orientation of the fifth line looks outward,

Observes and wants to communicate with others.

The result of this internal projection and outward view,

Creates a magnetic vortex and other people are drawn to see what it is.

But because it is a projection, the features within the projection are not always real or essential.

There is a potential for interpretation by others which is an illusion.

Others often assume a quick discount as to the fifth line person.

However, this quick assessment lacks depth,

And in time may come as a surprise or judgment,

When the person in the fifth row does not match the assumption.

This interaction can create pressure on the fifth line

And they will ask to sit the projection quotas so that they will not be judged.

The second line is called the monk.

So with the second row profile it is also necessary to retreat.

However this need is not fueled by pressure,

But by the need of time alone for assimilation.

Anything that Second Line encountered, whether it knew,

Personal interactions, or physical control of a new skill,

The second line needs time or alone to incorporate the information or new experience.

But the second line also produces energy projection that goes out.

Mixed with the inner direction of the other line,

This energy acts like a lighthouse that others are drawn to call.

So try as much as you can in the second row you will get invitations to go out and play.

Because of the interactions of the forecasts,

The magnetic attraction of others,

The pressure to be alone and the need to assimilate,

2/5 and 5/2 are social creatures,

But it can take time to get to know them.

You need to peel the so-called onion,

Go deep into their skin. - Profile 5/2

(Personality) Personality: 5

  (Heretic) Heretic  - (Behavioral  behavioral identity

  (General) General  Projected attitude

  (Savior) Savior  - (Limited Perspective) Limited Perspective

  Attractiveness Attractiveness  - (Aspired to Role) aspires to the role

  Seducer Seduced  - (Bonding Strategy) Contact strategy

  (Distributor / Hoarder)  Agran / distributor  - (Security Strategy)  Security strategy

(Design) Design: 2

  (Hermit) Hermit  - (Nature) Nature

  (Democrat) Democrat  - (Type) Type

  (Bigotry) Zealotry  - (Memory) Memory

  Harmony  - (Direction) Direction

  (Shyness / Boldness) Boldness  Shyness  - (Sexuality) Sexuality

(Nourisher / Depleter) Empty / Nourish - - Humanity