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Profile 6/2

Profile 6/2 -

Profile 6/2:
Role Model Hermit.
Role Model / Hermit.

The personality of the sixth line is inherently different from all the others.
He has another process he is going through in his life.
It has a dynamic that divides its life into a number of distinct periods,
Missing sort of whether it is the sixth line as a personality or on the unconscious level.
The sixth row is the row of the role model.
In our metaphor of the hexagram as a house,
the sixth line is the roof of that house.
It's not really part of the hexagram process itself.
It's beyond that.
This is actually the observer of what is happening in all the other profiles.
He looks at the process itself and bringing his judgment with the same observation.
The sixth row goes through three separate stages.
The first stage goes from birth to about thirty years of age.
At this point the sixth line deals with activity in the third line.
Remember that in the symmetry of the hexagram structure,
That the third line and the sixth line actually perform the same work.
The third line completes the bottom trigram.
This is the lower trigram ceiling.
The sixth line is the roof of the whole house.
They have a relationship with each other, harmony.
The third line is the process of trial and error.
The sixth line in this first thirty-year period deals with trial and error,
In order to taste from the various options in his character.
The sixth line personality is a role model.
It insists that everything will work properly.
Everything must work properly.
She learns very quickly through her trial and error experiences,
That things do not work out that way, but the sixth line strives to change that.
This is when the subject of the sixth row moves towards,
the second stage of receding (between 30 and 50 years) and begins to retreat.
With a 6/2 profile and the Hermit in the second row,
this natural withdrawal is unconscious.
During this second period the sixth line personality will move away and not engage.
They will become the objective observer of what is happening around them.
In the last phase of their lives, in the period after fifty years,
This is the opportunity for the sixth line to be able to re-engage.
This is an essential completion process for the sixth line.
Reach the point of re-entry,
Instead of remaining detached from life itself.
The 6/2 profile has a large transpersonal force.
Always pay attention to them.
They can be retreating and isolated sitting on the roof of the house,
But they look up there.
There are many who recognize that they are being watched.
They see that there is a constant observer and that,
an observer becomes an attractive force.
A place to turn to objective advice.
Profile 6/2 is the role model hermit.
This is the Democratic Director.
The role model model who is looking for the perfect place.
The right job.
The right career.
The right relationship for others.
Profile 6/2 is the company's band board.
However, within themselves there is a basic dilemma.
The personality of the sixth row is fundamentally optimistic.
It looks out into the world and he dreams and hopes for the good in life.
And not only to herself,
but through her transpersonal character,
Best in life for others.
There is always a discount within the sixth row that it is possible.
At the same time the second line of unconsciousness,
comes to see the fragility of humanity,
The weakness and self-hatred.
The unconscious of 6/2 is the memory that maintains its personal distance.
6/2 of powerful interaction with the communities around them.
They are truly trans-personal beings.
However on a personal level within themselves,
Through their second line unconscious,
they are not involved.
They have a distance.
Perhaps the most difficult aspect for a 6/2 profile is the nature,
of the connection in their lives.
All human beings need each other.
We are part of a binary system and we are not fulfilled without the other.
The personality of the sixth row is idealistic.
More than an idealist,
this is an optimist looking for a real reality,
A real value he can count on.
The sixth line in the first part of her life,
In the first thirty years of her life,
A dive into intimacy,
And she will dive into intimacy only to find that she has not found her soul mate.
It knows in the first half of her life,
Find the perfect soul mate and the disappointment that accompanies such a pursuit.
The sixth line should have confidence.
When he sees that relationships are unreliable they move away from intimacy.
Profile 6/2 can not live by anything he can not trust,
And also they can not live with someone they can not trust.
If you break the trust of profile 6/2,
They will never mess with you again.
That does not mean they will not be social with you.
The sixth-row personality has pure transpersonal skill.
They can always communicate with others on the surface.
They are here to be leaders in this process.
But they do not let you in.
Determined leaders is the theme of the 6/2 profile.
As a leader they have a natural separation from,
those with whom they communicate.
But whether or not she can finally join the process is the ultimate,
determination as to whether a 6/2 profile is complete in his lifetime.
There is nothing that needs to be done about it.
It is not as if this knowledge will prevent him,
from scarring in profile 6/2 in the first period,
of his life because of experiences that simply do not work.
This will not prevent a 6/2 profile from disconnecting in the middle of its life.
The 6/2 profile always ranges from sympathy to indifference.
The other is always looking for them for approval.
It is 6/2 which is naturally considered a reliable authority.
We know that the subject of the second line is a subject of reading.
The 6/2 is called to bring his objective judgment,
to bring his leadership.
There is a lifelong temptation of management and non-involvement.
The most difficult aspect of a 6/2 profile life comes,
when they reach the age of fifty.
In this period after fifty years the true value of life can appear for them.
When they are no longer remote,
But they received the call themselves,
And join what they judge to be right.
The New Age 6/2 profile can clearly distinguish and distinguish,
between all the different existing tracks.
In his role as a role model manager he can point,
others in the right direction,employee.
They themselves do not participate.
They themselves are not engaged.
All sixth-line personalities must reach a point,
where they can re-engage,
When what they know by virtue of their managerial,
ability to be true is also what they themselves live.
In this way their process is completed.
When a 6/2 profile lives its type,
When he gets into things properly according to his type,
Involvement occurs automatically.
The 6/2 profile is an interesting blend of personal energies.
The second-row Hermit combined with the advancement of the sixth line,
Life stages can lead to three distinct manifestations in the life of 6/2.
Understanding the steps allows you,
to focus on the progress of the sixth line.
For the first 28 years or until,
Saturn returns the sixth line is introspective and experimental.
Together with the Hermit of the second line,
It can be individual quiet or self-experimenting.
Although through their experiment they are made,
Erupt from an energetic expression or whatever it may seem,
As explosions from their somewhat conservative personality.
The second-line Hermit will continue to pull them alone,
But the friends of the individual will read them.
Overall there is an intensity to the internal focus,
when both the second and third line are inward.
But as age 6/2 approaches age 28,
the sixth line will give up the experiment and go out to the roof.
Between 28 and 50 the sixth line is on the roof.
This is a more spacious time for the sixth line and they do not peek outwards,
Looking at how other people do things.
They try to learn about life through the results of others,
Then draw on that wisdom and internalize them.
The roof can feel muted and less involved.
Again with the second line they will want to be alone and be called.
Maybe develop a cycle or rhythm,
or pattern or retreat and then get out.
At the age of 50 or around the return of Kiron,
6/2 is ready to get off the roof and be a role model.
Through the self-experiment of the young years,
And observing the middle years 6/2 constituted an abundance of wisdom to be shared.
But while 6/2 are a social entity they are preserved.
The role model will not be a forerunner but will come out when requested.
This can be a dilemma among 6/2 and those around them.
They may appear distant or uninvolved.
But in reality they are waiting for this call,
When they can provide the wisdom of their role model,
for the benefit of themselves and others.

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Profile 6/2
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