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Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: The Projector

Projectors are 20% of the world population.
Before modern times, projectors have always been at the bottom of the leadership ladder.
The only thing that really did not matter in those days was intelligence.
The power and energy of the manifestos ruled the day,
And the projectors have never been equipped to win this game.
Today the projectors sit at the top of the hierarchy of natural leadership.
Their real job is to guide the types of energy,
(Manifesters, Generators and Manifesting Generators)
Most efficiently used in their energy resources.
Projectors have an inherent ability to understand others.
They are the masters at reading and managing energy efficiently.
This is because of their openness in the center of the Sarcal.
They can take and read the energy of others.
Gradually, over time, the projectors' ability to read and recognize this energy,
And gives them the wisdom to guide others in the most efficient use of energies,
In their gifts and skills.
Projectors are great in organizing others and networks as well.
They know how to bring the right people,
For a job to perform a specific task,
And they also know how to maintain harmony in the world.
For these reasons projectors are the leaders, the managers,
And the ideal guides for the modern democratic world in which we live.
Projectors have this innate natural ability,
Recognize the potential and talent of other people and be able to offer guidance to them.
Our world needs many types of guides, and the projector group reflects this.
Projectors, as a type, carry the maximum variation of internal authority,
Than any other human type.
You will meet emotional projectors,
Splinter projectors (spleen-spleen center),
Self-projectors (Self \ G), mental projectors (No Inner Authority) and ego projectors.
As a group they are well equipped to read and guide any variation of any type of energy!
The projector is also the most "personal" and close person.
This is because of the nature of their aura.
Our human aura,
Represents the holistic energy field,
That surrounds each of us in a unique way.
This aura is our personal electromagnetic signature,
And tells everything alive around us about what we are doing.
The aura  Extends up to 2 meters around the entire circumference of our body.
The aura also gives us the ability to read and interpret the auras of other people.
The same 'feeling' you get when you like or dislike someone on the first date?
It is your aura that does its job and alerts all your senses!
In fact, the particular nature of the projector aura,
He is the one who gives the projector its name.
This aura 'penetrates' towards other people,
It is 'projected' by other people.
Projectors get a lot of attention in other words!
The aura of the projectors is very focused on the other people they meet.
Projectors do not focus on groups.
They focus on one person at a time.
The generator aura envelops the entire group around them.
But the projector aura focuses on one person at a time.
When you meet a projector,
You meet someone who will focus on you like a laser beam!
Most types of projectors have most of their centers turned on.
They are open (not defined in the centers) in other words.
This means that projectors take and reflect the energy,
Of other people from these open centers.
Not only do they reflect that energy back,
They also increase it!
So they often seem to be the dynasty of energy!
It is always important for projectors to pay attention to the energy dynamics,
That they feel when they are in a group of people.
This is actually the energetic dynamics of the group itself,
And not the projector produces the energy,
But increased by their own-from the environment.
The same pseudo-energy that the projector feels will disappear,
Once the energy types (usually defined in Scarlett) leave the group.
When this happens, the projectors discover that they no longer have energy available to everyone;
In fact, they are usually exhausted!
And feel how they get back their authenticity.
Projectors live in a world of busy people.
Generators and manifesting manifested generator make up 70% of the worlds population.
The types of energy are the vast majority.
So most projectors are never too far from an energy aura!

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Their open centers (undefined in the centers) occupy,

Amplify and reflect this abundant energy almost non-stop,

So that the projector can,

Over time,

Burn completely.

And may need,

For a long break or a rest period away from everyone.
Projectors that ignore these fatigue levels,

And feel bitterness because they can not continue at the same pace as before,

Usually turn in the direction of some kind of illness and physical breakdown.
Most adult projectors living in an environment of charged energy types,

Eventually flooded and exhausted,

Unless they really understand what it means to be a projector.

Do not try to persevere with the loaded bees!

Just say to yourself:

"What are they really busy with"?

"Is it effective?"

"Is it effective for me?"

"Is it intelligent?"
Projectors need a lot of rest,

Because they absorb and reflect so much energy during their day.

During a day that is too busy and often may not have time to stop and rest.

So they continue beyond that point of fatigue.
Because it happens so often in their lives,

There are projectors that are hard to stop at the end of the day and go to sleep.

From a very young age, homogenization teaches us,

And tells us to be "Doing" (The Doing Mode).

So projectors have a hard time,

To break the pattern of the way of this ordinary and contrary being to their nature.
Projectors really need to practice,

Lying down for an hour earlier than they think they should!

They just have to rest, read, watch TV, listen to music, relax and unwind.

It gives their body time to really break down.

And release the collected energy swirling around their system and settle,

So they can sleep.

Lying down while resting helps 70% of our genetic functions to rest and regenerate,

Sleep helps everyone.


A projector should try and be out of someone's aura while it rests!

Otherwise their open centers will continue to take what is around them.

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Projector as a guide:
Projectors can not simply direct anyone without order and precise recognition for them.

They must understand and remember that their strategy for life,

Is "wait until you know and invite you" by someone else.

Only when projectors wait for this right order,

That you will buy their intelligence and wisdom without a doubt,

Their lives will be right.
Having said that,

Most projectors are more interested in other people than themselves,

So they like to jump in and try to help people without being invited!

This is an admirable feature,

But the projector is that it will eventually feel unappreciated,

Exhausted and bitter  When not appreciated for it.
The familiar projector lament is:

"What if I'm not selling? And inviting me?", "Of course I have to do something to make it happen?"
Well, to be honest,

There's nothing the projector has to do here,

Until they recognize and are first invited by the right person.

The design of the projector should be noted.

Therefore they must be faithful to it.
Projectors are genetically encoded through their aura,

So that other people will know them and turn to them.

So they just have to relax and wait for the right person to come. And they will come!

When the projector calms down and is silent,

That aura radiates all the talk and brings the invitation of others.
It's so important for projectors to understand,

That if they succumb to this fear of not knowing them,

And force the pace with other people,

Not only are they wasting their precious and limited energy resources,

But they also miss the real opportunities that are meant for them.
The projector will never find what fits
  By jumping in,

And an attempt to make things happen.
A projector needs the right person in his life, not just an old man (smart, extreme).
How does a projector know if someone is right for them?

Other people recognize, approach and invite them!

Until that happens,

Nothing is worth wasting precious energy and wisdom on empty.
There are projectors that do not have a reliable way to make decisions,

And others with very delicate and delicate internal powers.

The truth is that projectors can be,

Very spontaneous with decisions because of the defined spline;

Others will have to wait a week,

Before they can make a decision,

And others will have to wait longer,

Hold discussions with others and ask for feedback,

Before they reach any absolute decision clearly.
Therefore it is even more important to wait for the same recognition,
and for the right invitation,

Because it can greatly reduce,

The potential for wrong decisions for projectors.
Projectors should not take it,

"Wait for invitaion" for extremism!

Live your life freely, with the existing limitations.

in fact,

If the projector uses this strategy,

For the main turning points in his life,

It will pay tremendous dividends for them. And will bring reward for the proper wait.
These turning points,
are the moments in the life of the projectors,

In which they must respect their strategy,

Wait for first recognition, then order them.

Only then do they have to make a decision,

If the order fits and fits their strategy.

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu
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