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Quadruple Split Definition

הגדרת פיצול מרובעת​ (Quadruple Split Definition) - - Quadruple Split

​Quadruple Definition,
Very rare populations,
​in less than 1% of the population.
Like Triple Definition.
Has the rare location,
Be very regular,
but very fragile at the same time.
They are permanent.
Because they have so much definition.
They are here to experience life in a very regular way.
They have no more than one open center.
So there is very little space to be open to the world.
Their consistency can be great because you always know what you are getting.
At the same time it can be insane because they are so constant in their way.
Or it can be just plain boring.
They are what they are,
and they can do nothing about it.
If you love who they are,
then you'm in luck!
It does not change much.
they can be very fragile.
They have four elements that do not always communicate.
And it may be some time before all four parts are on the same page.
It can lead to an inner feeling that there are a lot of voices, but they are not in harmony.
One says turn left, the other right, and another up.
The squares should Be very patient with themselves.
They are like the turtle,
slow and steady in processing their things.
Whether to define the
Triple Definition Or Quadruple Definition,
The solar plexus is not defined and they are spleen,
They can trust their instincts now,
But usually what happens is another part of their split bells,
A little later and adds something valuable.
Like a subsequent thought.
So they have to play a little two-step dance with themselves.

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