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רפלקטור (Reflector) - - Human-Design-Reflector

Reflectors are 1% of the world population.
The reflector carries an unusual human design.

They make up only 1% of the world population,

And they are completely different from the way 99% of other humans act.
Reflectors do not have energy centers or awareness that are turned on and off at birth.

Every center in their design is completely open.

As a result they shed an illusion about themselves that is unrelated to who they really are.
Seemingly, with all those inactive centers, it seems that a reflector is constantly capturing the energies and emotions of other peoples. Without reliable patterns of their own.
If we were talking about a different kind of human being this would indeed be the case.

An open and inactive center is always vulnerable to the influences of other people.
But the essential difference with a reflector is the nature of their electromagnetic aura.

Our human aura represents the holistic energy field,

That surrounds each of us in a unique way.

This aura is our personal electromagnetic signature,

And tells everything alive around us about what we are doing.

This aura extends up to 2 meters around the entire circumference of our body.

The aura also gives us the ability to read and interpret the auras of other people.
The aura of the reflector is a ‘durable’ aura that does two things uniquely.

First he samples or 'tastes' the auras of the people around him by taking only a small piece of what he gets.

Second, it reflects back everything he receives from the other person.
This durable aura works as a protection mechanism for the reflector.

Protection from the shock, emotions, and energies of the people around them.
This is also what makes the reflector look like a chameleon to the rest of us.

A chameleon that just blends in with everything around.

Reflectors become their environment.

They do it quite naturally,

But often, feel invisible to others because of it.
Other people will always see aspects of themselves when they encounter a reflector;

So the reflectors need to be aware of who they are in a relationship.
A reflector needs to see himself communicating with other people in order to see what negative and positive aspects these people will bring to a relationship.
If the person with the reflector is positive and happy, the reflector will reflect this.

But if they are corrupt or manipulative, they will also reflect this behavior!
So the reflectors need to waste time and be aware of what they actually are and what they reflect.

It will take some practice, and only in time will they recognize their true selves.
Reflectors rotate in a protective "bubble" that does not connect deeply to other people.

And that makes it harder for personal reflectors to reflect than for the rest of us.

The closest that any other aura reaches the reflector is the aura of the manifestor.
The manifesto does not 'sample' and 'reflect' other people's auras (as the name of the reflector)

When he is 'detached (distant)' from the various auras.

However, just like the reflector, the aura of the manifold is designed as a protective shield resistant to the auras of other people.

רפלקטור (Reflector) - - Human-Design-Reflector 2

The Stars:
A major factor that really changes the reflectors,

Is the profound impact that stellar motion has on their daily lives.

This is what their standing aura cannot protect them from.
Planets moving in their normal orbits are constantly operating and operating gates in all of our designs. But only reflectors feel these effects deeply.
The non-reflectors get only a small taste of the effects of these transition planets.

They are just beginning to experience some of the energies and emotions made possible by the passing of the stars.
Reflectors get the full Monti!

They deeply feel all the energetic effects of the planets.
Some say it's the most important thing that reflectors really do here.

They are here to show us all the full human effects of planetary motion on a constant basis.
Activating gates that come through other people within the aura reflector has very little effect on the various auras.

However operating gates that come through other people in other types has a big impact on them.

Similarly, planetary motions have a limited and shallow effect on non-reflectors but a major effect on reflectors.
Reflectors operate in exactly the opposite way from the rest of 99% of the world.

Reflectors have no area of decision-making within which they can rely.
Generators can rely on the Sacral Center
  The sacred, their for decision-making.

People with decision-making authority with  Splenic center (splenic-spleen),

Can rely on the spontaneity of their decisions.

People with a defined Solar Plexus,

Have to wait for absolute clarity through their emotional wave,

Before they make any decision.

But they can still trust him to be there for them.

Even for people suffering from cardiac or independent centers,

Those who deal with their decisions have a credible mechanism if more subtle.

But reflectors? They have no sessions at the center at all.

How are reflectors supposed to make credible decisions for their lives?
Reflectors, uniquely, have a very close relationship with the moon.

They live in their own time zone. This is a lunar cycle time zone.

It is this proximity to the moon that offers the reflector the ability to make decisions reliably.

But to be precise, the reflector has to wait the entire 28-day lunar cycle before making a decision.

And of course it's a very difficult thing to do!
But it is important for reflectors not to allow themselves to be in a hurry to make decisions.

When someone finds out they are a reflector for the first time they have to start the process of explaining to other unhealthy people that they will rush through their process.
It is also helpful for reflectors to monitor the daily movement of planets and the impact they have on them that day.

The daily transition diagram shows the activation of the gates in all humans for that day as a result of the current position of the planets.

These sessions (depending on the gates involved) can run centers,

Create channels or add additional active gates to an existing center.
So, when the daily chart is of a facilitator, it's who will be the reflector
  Or generator or projector.
Reflectors can really use that to their advantage.

By looking ahead in time in the transition parade to the next few days,

The reflector will know exactly how energetic they are or not.

So they can choose the days of their manifest, generator and manifest,

When they need to be really productive!
The important thing for the reflector to remember is that this transition is not who they really are,

They just reflect

The most reliable aspect of a reflector personality will be the Profile and Color and Motivation.  their.

These aspects of the reflector are not affected by the passage of planets or people passing in and out of the aura of the reflector.
Reflectors will help talk to others and listen objectively to feedback during their 28 days to make any decision.

They should also try to have the same conversation with different people to see the different reactions and options for each situation.
Four of the most important decisions a reflector will have to make right in life are:

  • Where do they live?

  • Who do they live with?

  • where do they work?

  • Who do they work with?

They reflect the community and the health of the community and the environment around them.
If the community in which they live is supportive and nourishing they will flourish and flourish.

If not, life can become very disappointing for the reflector.
If reflectors really control their human designs,

They have a chance to become the smartest and most objective people among us. 

"If the reflector,

know their design clearly,
So they are completely protected,
from identifying with anything at all.
Because their chemistry,
increases everything and anything,
they have the potential,
see everything,
that really happens
in the form,
that no one else
Can not.
They filter the general field of consciousness.
The role of the reflector is,
to be one with the whole.
The greatest gift is,
read others.
they have a chance
for a mystical life,
Most of us can't tell."
Ra Uru Hu.
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