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Root Center

מרכז השורש (Root Center) - - Roor Center

Defined: 68%.

Undefined: 32%.

Biological Correlation: Adrenal Gland.

Center Type: Engine, Pressure.

Function: Press, Drive, Press, Kundalini.

Defined Center:
Found here to get a consistent internal way of pressure processing.
Not here to let others pressure them for anything.

Open Center:
Can afford to be conditioned by the pressure of other people,
but they must be very careful according to their strategy to get the right pressure.

Not a self-strategy of a Defined Root:
difficult for others who can not cope with stress,
puts others under unnecessary stress.

Not an open root self-strategy:
Allows stress to take control of their lives,
whether by becoming addicted to the adrenaline rush or by constantly avoiding it,
and working hard to get rid of it (usually in a state of stress!).

Adrenal Gland:
Adrenal gland, or upper larynx,
Combined with a single gland located near the top of each kidney.
Each gland is divided into an external cortex and an internal medulla.
Cerebral cortex and medulla of the adrenal gland,
Like the anterior and posterior lobes of the pituitary gland,
Develop different fetal tissues and secrete different hormones.
The adrenal cortex is essential for life,
But the medulla can be removed without life-threatening effects
(which we are familiar with).
The outer part, the adrenal cortex,
Produces a number of steroid hormones that can be classified into three types:
Mineral corticoids, glucocorticoids and sex hormones.
The first maintains an electrolyte balance,
That is, water levels and water in the body
(this is why you urinate your pants when scared!).
The second produces a long-term and slow response,
Stress by raising blood glucose levels through the breakdown of fats and proteins;
They also suppress the immune response and inhibit the inflammatory response.
glucocorticoids regulate the body's response to stress,
For metabolism and the immune system.
Finally, sex hormones, well,
they increase the chances of having sex!
These hormones are secreted by the innermost region,
In both sexes by the adrenal cortex,
But their effect is usually disguised by the hormones from the testicles and ovaries.
In women,
the male effect of androgen secretion may be manifested after menopause,
When estrogen levels from the ovaries drop.
The inner part, the adrenal medulla, produces catecholamines,
As the well-known adrenaline (AP epinephrine).
Adrenaline raises blood pressure and heart rate when the body experiences stress.

ADRENAL GLAND and Cortex and medulla - - - ADRENAL GLAND
ADRENAL GLAND and Cortex and medulla -

Remember the Pressure Sandwich?

In the section on the center of the head we are talking about stress.
Now we look at the other side:
Physical stress. This is another duality of being alive.
The human body is where the duality comes to meet.
In this case the duality is between two pressures and that is what keeps us moving forward.
This pressure sandwich is a stress anxiety sandwich, pressure from below and anxiety from above.
We are never free from these two points of pressure,
But do not forget that we are meant to be among them.
The other thing to note is that it is designed to go through.
As can be seen in the mechanics of the adrenal glands the pressure is not meant to be constantly there.
Otherwise we would have just been burned.
That means it just passes, from top to bottom.
Stress is a part of us and it is very useful to push us to the next level,
But this is not something that belongs to us technically - it's just a temporary situation.
Understanding this is very important.
This means that all the stress in your life will never last forever.
It is not intended.
The person with the open root center can easily forget this.
Then they stress themselves out in an attempt to get rid of the stress!
The mantra of open root is "Are you in a hurry to get rid of stress?"
The Open Root Center thinks that if they do nothing to get rid of it they will never leave.
Instead they should stay aware of the stress and even use it positively,
But never let him control them.
And even if you have defined yourself,
If you do not carry out your strategy you always take pressure that does not suit you.
If you do not intervene,
It will not bother you.
Stress and anxiety are not bad.
They are essential fuels for our entire life process.
The things we dislike the most - fear, stress, pain,
This is what makes us human.
This is what drives our consciousness and body.
Mental anxiety is neither bad nor good,
Both - always.
It's just another one and it's, but it's fuel for awareness.
Also, stress is not good or bad, it is just stress.
This pressure can make you jump to it when needed,
Or it can keep you from feeling calm.
The difference is in the way we communicate with him.
If you do not hold it
("I'm so stressed, I need to finish this report or the world will end "
Compared to "I'm following my strategy and that's it"),
It has a very useful place in our lives.
מרכז השורש (Root Center) - - BEAIR

The Caffeine of Life:
The Root Centrex is a large, single-purpose engine:

Aspirate stress (the adrenaline gland actually produces stress hormones).

And these are sucked into three places: spleen, scarlet, solar plexus.

We can easily see the correlation to the three types of hormones discussed above:
Mineralocorticoids (water regulation - solar plexus)
Glucocorticoids (immune system - spleen)
Sex hormones (Kundalini - Scarlet)
It is clear that Root Centrex has an extraordinary impact as a refueling station for these processes.

And they are all driven by pressure energy.

This is where the juice is for our health (spleen),

Our sex (the scarlet) and our emotions (stored in the water of our body).

The root center is like caffeine.

It can make you start in the morning,

But it can also be addictive and unstable if misused.

Format Energies:

the format energies,
are the three channels,
connecting the root to the scroll.
They are very strong.
The mere fact,
that they connect to the engine,
makes it easy.
Whenever there is a format channel,
in the persons chart,
this energy,
control the frequency,
that a person has
even if you see
A gateway is enabled in the format structure,
You know that aspect,
will greatly affect the energy of the whole being.
These three different energy formats,
represent the three different ways,
where we operate,
in the world as energy systems.

Frequency design:

Collective cycle channel of puberty (42-53).
Single pulse channel of mutation (3-60).
Focused collective concentration channel (9-52).
Any gate outside the Root Center,
can be a place for depression,
Just like one of the side effects,
The main stress is depression.
This is especially true of the formate energies,
The three channels go from the root to the skull.
These are three archetypes of potential depression.
It is a physical phenomenon.
So that depression is deeply rooted in the body,
(fatigue, low sex drive, body weight, illness),
Although of course it also affects the mind.
Therefore the formats are,
the three different ways,
in which stress and depression act as a result.
the two centers of pressure (head, root),
They work in the same way:
They have two collective goals,
and a single gate connecting them to another center.
The two centers of pressure are linked to each other,
through the column that runs through the center of the body.
Therefore, for each session in formats,
There is a connection to the mental process.
This is partly the reason,
that depression can happen,
so easily
מרכז השורש (Root Center) - - FORMAT channels.

Live the Pressure Correctly:
The trick with the root center is to figure out what types of pressures you are built to deal with.

The gates and channels defined in the root center will determine the pressure issues.

They can be a positive aspect of your life or a cause of stress and depression.
For example, someone with the 53rd gate is under a lot of pressure to start things off.

The stress in their lives revolves around what they start, do not start, how it starts, etc.

These people need variety,

They need to feel like they are starting things that lead to puberty.

And if it does not happen because they can not start anything or it starts wrong,

Then they can get into depression.

Of course the only way they will start something right is by sticking to their strategy.
All open channels and gates (and even the open center),

Is a place where the stress of the world can reach you.

If you do not carry out your strategy,

Try to deal with stress in unhealthy ways.

Maybe try to finish it (in a stressful way).

You can mark yourself with coffee to keep up,

Or mark yourself with alcohol to artificially reduce the feeling of stress.

There are many ways that are not healthy.

There is nothing wrong with coffee or alcohol, but it should be in line with strategy.

מרכז השורש (Root Center) - - PRESSURE

The center of the Root:

The root center deals very quickly.

Of course the type,

Your authority and definition play a big part in how fast you move.

A triangular emotional projector is supposed to work slower than a single-sharp spleen detector.

But the center of the roots will have an impact on how much pressure they are under to do something.
If you have a defined root center,

So the pressure is consistent and so your speed to get things done will be more consistent.

If you have an open root center then the pressure is not consistent,

So you will not always feel the same pressure to do something.
Of course life is full of different levels of external stress.

The pressure to change a baby's diapers is different from the pressure to get a new pair of shoes.

But internally, the defined root center will have a less stable pressure field.

The center of the open root in general will feel more pressure,

Especially if they are unaware of the ability of the open root to accept the blending of pressure from others.

The defined root is designed to handle more pressure than the undefined root.

But in the end it always comes down to the life of your strategy,

That will always give the right pressure to your design.

The root center deals with adrenal pressure.

This is one of the two centers of pressure (the other is the head).

The pressure of the center of the root transfers the energy up in the body to the action of fuel.

Defined root people are under constant and consistent pressure to do so.

It is a healthy energy as long as it comes in and uses it properly.

It can be healthy for a defined root,

Relieve stress through activities like exercise.

The undefined root is involved in increasing this adrenal pressure,

That comes to the body as physical pressure to be in a hurry.

The undefined root can be snatched up all the time by the stress of modern life.

The wisdom here is to know that this is not their energy and there is no need to rush;

It's okay to feel the pressure and just let it be.

The open root question is:

"Am I in a hurry to do everything I can to get rid of the stress?"

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Root Center
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