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Sacral Authority

סמכות סקרלית  (Sacral Authority) - - SACRAL

The Business of Busy-ness:
For anyone who is a generator or manifesting generator (defined Scroll).

Undefined emotional center has sacral authority.

This specific authority is best suited to the genre.

For the generator type, their strategy is to respond.
If they have the defined emotional center,

They too have to wait for the emotional wave,

To see how they feel before they react.

But if they do not have a defined emotional center then their authority is in the response itself.

This is the sacred voice of "ah ha" or "ah ah", for example.
Generators are busy people.

They really are not that comfortable to be at rest.

To some extent this is simple because once the engine is turned off,

It can be difficult to restart it,

So the generator is just easier to keep the engine running all the time.
Usually when you tell a generator to "wait to respond" you define a state of anxiety for them.

You put a 'mental concept' into an arena that is purely biological - body mechanics.

They are connected to being busy.

Generators without HD knowledge have no idea that not everyone has this occupation.

Being busy is just the usual situation - anything else is a temporary deviation.

Sacral Variety:

There are really a lot of different ways to get a defined scarlet.

There are 11 different channels that can set the scroll (three outside of gate 34).

Most of them are in the flow of Tantric energy,

And feed to the center of the G (the channels from the root - Sacral - G).

The sacral is the center of life energy, and as such is very powerful.
Then there is the Manifesting Generator (MG).

Someone can be MG if the generator connects directly to the throat (e.g. 20/34 - green in the picture),

Or by connecting from the sacral to G, and from G to the throat.

(E.g. 29/46, and 1/8 - blue).

Or maybe they have the ego to the throat and the scarlet to the root as split (purple).
When the Solar Plexus Center is defined along with the sacral,

The center of the solar plexus The authority and strategy is to respond as a generator.

They have to wait through the wave before they can respond clearly.
When the spleen is set together with the sacred,

The authority is the Sacral Splenic. This is a response in the present.

To Respond or to Wait:
None of us are really aware from moment to moment of the way we act.
A lot of things come and go very fast in life,
And for those who are used to being busy this idea of waiting seems very foreign.
Remember that generators tend to get your head down.
What they do is not really pay much attention to the world of possibilities.
When told they have to wait to respond,
They take it that they have to sit and wait for something clear to come,
And it's kind of "oh no, I can 't sit and wait."
But this is not true. When a generator goes out to their garden and sees that the plants are dry,
Either the leaves are brown, or something needs pruning - it's "something to respond to".
The question is whether they have the energy at that moment to water, or fertilize or prune.
This is the magic of the sacral response.
The body responds with the enthusiasm of "either or" or the lack of energy of "ah ah".
This is what makes the generator so easy.
"Or or" is their way of knowing if they want to do something right now.
They can completely trust this response.
There is never a shortage of things a generator can respond to.
The floor is dirty, the garbage is full, the painting is sloping, the bed is untidy,
The laundry is ready to be put in the dryer,
there is food to buy and prepare, etc.
The world is full of things to do.
The scarlet is the one that lets the generator know,
Which of the many things he wants to do now.
Generators can very well find a list of things to do.
They look at the list,
And their body responds "ah ah" or "or or" not now "to various things on the list.
They like to finish the list and make another list.

The Sacral Sounds:
The moan, the moan, the sigh, ah ah, ah ah ah,
these are all Scarlett sounds.
Generators must listen to these sounds and trust them.
Not all generators have these sounds.
Some simply do not have them naturally and respond in more subtle ways,
Others have ignored them for so long
Until they are not there (and it is necessary to wake them up through practice).
But if you have them, these sounds are great tools.
When we bring it back to the greater world,
For example, someone calls and asks "Do you want to go out to dinner?",
The generator has this believable voice "ah ah" or "or or" .
"Do you want to marry me?" "Ah ah" or "or or" .
Do you want to study in Paris? "Ah ah" or "or or" .
What is really important for the generator is to know how reliable it is.
If the generator has ah (ah),then do not do it!
Maybe tomorrow they will or (yes).
It is their very energy source that says yes yes energy is available or no is not available right now.
The issue of frustration comes into play when the generator,
Think he has to do something even though their body says "ah ah" (no).
"I need to marry you because you asked me and everyone knows we're perfect for each other."
"I have to go out to dinner because it's Saturday and we always go out to dinner on Saturday."
If they have Scarlett and they will continue to do so,
The experience just will not be worth it to them.
Lacking proper energy (too much or too little),
They will be frustrated that they failed to make it work.
They may have a yes to something,
And they may enter the experience and the results of that experience may,
To an outside observer,show bad.
The generator may respond to a friend who asks him to go kayaking,
And he may get sick in the sea, or blisters,
or fall from the boat and shiver from the cold,
But if he did it out of an ah ah (yes) response,
He will have a good and worthwhile experience.
It will not be frustrating for him.
If the same generator goes kayaking because his friend expects it to,
And his body says no,
So no matter how beautiful the day is or how easy it will be,
he will be disappointed.
It just will not work for him,
and he will be frustrated.

Manifesting Generator:
With Manifesting Generator the story is a little different.

In the sense of the generator they respond to everything that presents itself.

But Manifesting Generator does not really know its response until it goes into operation.
Of course we all heard the maximum "Finish what you start."

Well, for a manifesting generator this is just not true.

They can start many things, and not follow,

Because once they are engaged in it and their body is in the act, the scroll can say "no."
Could it be frustrating?

Only if they do not understand their dynamics.

Of course others like to put pressure on them.

"Hey we just started this game, you can not stop now."

But they can and they should if they get "ah ah" ("no" from the Scarlet authority).
What matters to a manifesting generator is how reliable that internal gut response is.

It's not the wait for something to respond to it,

There is never a shortage of things to comment on.

It accepts the fact that at any given moment,

Their bodies will reliably inform them,

Will the response bring them a satisfying experience or not.

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