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Sacral Center

מרכז הסקרל (Sacral Center) -  - The Sacral Center

Defined: 70%.

Undefined: 30%.

Biological correlation: Ovaries, testicles.

Type of Center: Motor

Function: Vitality, sexuality, fertility, perseverance.

​Defined Center:
Can respond with scalar voice, consistent approach to vitality,
Reliable access to energy and sexual identity,
Pure creative potential waiting to be realized through response,
Life is about finding healthy ways to work with sacred energy,
Need to learn to be patient.

Open Center:
No need to build anything.
Does not fall under pressure to be productive,
Like others and just enjoying life.
Works more as a specialist for short periods of time,
Usually guides others how to work​.

Not Self Strategy of Defined Head (Not Self Strategy of defined  The Sacral Center):
Not waiting to respond,
Rather initiates and depletes their energy and gets stuck.

(Not Self Strategy or open  The Sacral Center ) is not an open-minded strategy:
Easily enslaved to exaggerated things, never knowing when enough,
There is no fixed sexual identity,
about life experience and "lifestyle;"
Does not work, can not withstand a consistent workload,
Exhausted by the energy of other people, swept away (sex, sleep, food, work, anything).

Ovaries and Testes:

On our journey through the glands of the endocrine system,
we now reach the ovaries and testicles,
Which are technically both called gonads.
Most people do not understand this,
But both men and women have gonads.
The gonads are the main source of sex hormones.
In men, the gonads, or testicles, are located in the scrotum.
They secrete hormones called androgens,
And the most important of which is testosterone.
These hormones tell about a child's body,
When it's time to make the changes related to adolescence,
Like penis and height growth,
deepening the voice and growth in facial and pubic hair.
In working with pituitary hormones,
Testosterone also regulates sperm production in the testicles.
The woman's gonads, the ovaries, are located in her pelvis.
They produce eggs and secrete the female hormones estrogen and progesterone.
Estrogen levels determine when a girl begins adolescence,
And it also has an effect on breast growth and accumulation of fat in the body,
The teenager around the thighs and thighs (usually a lot to her horror!)
Estrogen and progesterone are also involved in menstrual regulation and fertility.
Also, hormones related to our genitals play important roles.
Testosterone is responsible for muscle strength.
Female hormones allow us to feed our young and care for them for a long time. - Ovaries and Testes


Because the Holy Center is directly related to reproduction,

This is really the power to bring things up with fertility.

It can be especially about the fertilization that will bring to human life,

But for the most part this birth issue is much broader than just bringing babies.
For example the mating channel (59/6) is a design of intimacy that can of course create a baby,

But if you have this channel. It does not guarantee that you will waste your life on babies.

The existence of this channel actually has a small effect on the number of children you will have.

Even a defined or undefined sanctuary does not determine how much sex you have in life.
Fertility is a much broader issue that affects everything in life.

This allows a new business partnership to flourish,

It gives the lively buzz to a diner party,

Or it simply provides an energy of abundance for your daily life.
The fertility of holiness is the ability to create the energy you need to live.

Without our ovaries and testicles we would not multiply and die.

Without our Holy Center we would cease to produce life force and also die.

Genetic Role:
The Scarlett Center has a quality that it shares only with the G Center,

That is, they are the two centers that inhabit the six gates of the roles (do you remember them?).
In terms of the role of the self,

We have four gates in the center-G - the three sphinx gates that bring roles of direction

(The 7th Gate of a Logical Role of Leadership,

The 13th gate of the abstract role of being a witness,

The first gate to the personal role of being an example),

And the one gate crosses the vessel of love (the tenth gate to the role of behavior in the world).

These are the way we move in the world in our body as unique vehicles that separate from each other.
At the Scarlet Center we have the other two role gates,

But these are not self-roles in the world but are genetic roles:

The 59th gate produces the one we bond with and mate with,

And the 27th produces how we take care of that bonding.

Thus the Holy Center sets out the basic roles for the establishment of our communities,

And affects the quality of our sexual relationships and the nature of the cause and how we communicate with others.

מרכז הסקרל (Sacral Center) - Genetic Rote

The Only Type Center:
The Scarlet Center is the only center in the entire chart associated with climbing.

The generator and the sanctuary are the same.

Because 70% of people have a Scarlett center  defined,

It can be automatically concluded that 70% of the world are also generators.

This is a special relationship.

This is further evidence of the importance of the Scarlet Center.

Most of us are here to produce life.

Most of us are only here to find power through response.

Sacral Voice:
The center of the scarlet is similar to the throat in that it has its own voice.

The holy voice is "ah-ah", the "mmmm", the "argg!", And the "hmm ..".

The sounds are very initial and do not give much room for explanation.

People are sometimes afraid to use them because they are so rude.

If your partner asks you if you like them and you respond from your scarlet,

"Ah-ah" (no), it's cruel.

There are no beatings around the bush.

It is not mental and therefore there is no room for reason or intellectualization.

The brain can say all kinds of nonsense like:

"How can I love you if I do not know what love is?"
But not the sound of the scroll.

This is a trainer of yes or no and there is no explanation.

Often a generator will respond in Scarlett and then people will go,

"But why? Explain yourself. It doesn't make sense."

If the generator falls into the trap of trying to explain itself,

They will do it from the head and who knows what will come out.

This will not be the sacred truth.
Sometimes there is no response, not with the holy voice or otherwise.

This is because the scroll is not ready.

It's just time to wait.

Energy Vortex:
If you look at the gates in the wheel you can see that the holy gates form a loose triangle.

This is an energy vortex.

If you could really see the nature of the Sacral Center,

You would see a vortex field of energy that creates a spiral.
Inside the center you also have a strong fusion of energies within the circles.

So you have the relationship between 9 and 5,

And you have the connection between 29 and 42,

And the direct relationship between 14 and 3.

There is also movement between 27 and 59, and 34 enters as well.
It creates a powerful vortex of vibrating energy,

I literally meant from the moment a generator was born until their last breath.
Also, it is a vortex that all non-generators are surrounded by the condition of being.

This is a deep attraction and if they do not fulfill their strategy,

They will reach situations where the energy burns them.

It's like putting missile fuel into a moped.

It's going really fast,

But eventually the cylinder (center of the throat) burned.

מרכז הסקרל (Sacral Center) - - Energy

The Sacral Center:

The Scarlet Center cannot be discussed  Without tying it to a generator.

This is a generational world  Because most people have a defined scarlet center (70%).

The scarlet is similar to the throat in that it has its own voice.
The Scarlet Center is an availability center.

Every subject is available, except the 34th gate,

Which is the gate that is engaged in sampling from what is available to the other holy gates.

Each of the eight gates meets a basic need,

Of Homo sapiens for survival and development.

It begins with the fact that we are at the disposal of creation and cultivation (Gates 59 and 27)

And exits the tribe to the collective through the formal and tantric gates.
Our response is our selectivity.

This is an economical quality.

We have no energy to waste,

Except for what we have availability and ability to respond to.

The scarlet is strong. Enough said.

The sacral center is the source of life force.

It is a reproductive energy, sustaining life.

The defined sacral has the ability to sustain work and creativity in the world.

The sacral is a response engine and renews itself through the proper application of its energy.

However, the opposite is also true:

It can degenerate into frustration when forced to perform unsatisfactory jobs.
The meaning of the undefined sacral means that there is no consistent access to life force.

Many people with the Sacral Center  Undefined (projector, manifold, and reflector),

Perceive and increase the energy around them,

And end up exaggerating with what is energetically right for them,

Trying to keep up with the global pace of the generator.

It can be an energy and sex addiction.

The trick here is to predict how the energy works without getting lost in it.

The question is "Do I know when enough?".

מרכז הסקרל (Sacral Center) - Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Sacral Center
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