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  • Rave Cosmology.

    What fascinated me about Rave Cosmology was that it began before the start. And it began before the start without a Godhead, no Godhead. It was the beginning of the growth of a deep understanding in myself about the nature of intent. We have been so overwhelmed in our philosophies by the assumption of intent in the creation of the totality. We have been so brainwashed and homogenized into the assumption of intent, that in fact anyone who stands up and claims otherwise makes themselves a target in the madness of this homogenized world. One has to be on very careful ground to suggest that no great power was there before the start waving their what-evers to initiate this journey. But yet, in Rave Cosmology there is no great intent at the start. There's the magic of serendipity that what can happen, can happen. Oh yes, as you will see there are gods. There are lots of gods. They're all around, they're in us. They're in our bodies, they're in our chemistry, they're in our cells, and they're in our DNA. But this is not about the beginning. It isn't. One of the interesting things about us, we creatures, we have a limitation in the way in which we see. And what we can't see in no matter what way we translate the value of that word, then it's simply not there. And there is so much about the nature of being that is empty and full at the same time, truly. - Ra Uru Hu

  • The Illusion

    Magnetic monopoly: the aura is truly an amazing thing. To truly understand the essence of the aura is to first understand its origin. First figuring out its origin, the first place you go, is that you go, to what keeps our illusion of separation together. This is something very important to understand about the nature of being, is that the nature of being is an illusion built by the magnetic monopoly. We often think of the monopoly in terms of those people, for example, who teach elements in human design. You present these basic principles. Still, very few people really understand that if it wasn't for the Monopoly Agency, personality and design wouldn't exist together. And there's actually going to be no life. What's more, understanding the essence of this mono-o-rod is acknowledging that this is where you're dealing with something that's just appealing to it. Of course, what you're looking at, when you look at an aura, is that you're looking at the edge of that realm of attraction. And literally it has density. One of the things you have to understand about auras is that everything about how life works is actually the aura. For example, if you are trained in human design, and you are talking about someone he discovers, the fact that they discover, is actually the result of the way in which their magnetic monopoly, holding them together in the illusion of their separation. Crystals are shaped in themselves, and personality crystals in themselves, are not of any kind, they are components; They are aspects of perfection greater than the sum of the parts. And this whole that's larger than the sum of the parts, was literally created by the same magnetic monopoly, the agency of the same monopoly that holds things together. It's all an illusion when we talk about Fanta. (Penta - in human design, when three to five people meet in a group, it's called a Panta, it's a completely different energy, which focuses on groups, and it's all about keeping the group together), we actually take the possibility of human resemblance to its extremes. After all, it is difficult enough to be sensitive enough, to truly feel the difference, in other people's auras, than to imagine in any way what the fantasizing aura consists of. The same Panta aura is unlike anything you can feel or that you have a conscious attitude to, you don't have. You don't have any. I never forget the joke, that when I analyze something, what I analyze is an illusion thing, which is actually just the way I experience what a frequency field is. The fact that we are designed, to perceive through the same frequency field, what appears to be a solid 3D form, is just the trick of the way our brain (mind) works. It's an illusion, it's all an illusion. Ra Uru Hu.

  • The Alchemical Repetition And The Seven Stages Of Awakening.

    Year 1: Psychological Process: Disintegration. Year 2: Psychological Process: Education. Year 3: Psychological Process: Alignment. Year 4: Psychological Process: Initiation. Year 5: Psychological Process: Quickening. Year 6: Psychological Process: Awakening. Year 7: Psychological Process : Integration.

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  • מרכז הלב (Heart Center) | Human Design Academy

    The Heart Center Defined: 35% ​ Undefined: 65% ​​ Biological correlation: Stomach, heart, gallbladder, thymus gland. ​​ Engine: Type of Center ​ Ego and willpower, the material world, self-esteem, Role, function ​​ Defined Center: Consistent approach to willpower, a natural sense of self-worth, a constant way Dealing with the material level with deals, promotions and promises Open Center: Those who suffer from a lack of consistent willpower / self-esteem, Has a hard time asking the right price for his accomplishments, Unable to keep promises, One must learn to survive on the material plane, Loves to spend money. The rule of the undefined ego is, "Make no promise." ​ ​ (Not Self Strategy of open head) Not Self Strategy Of an open mind: Are you still trying to prove something to yourself and others? Heart Center: In the section on Center G we see how Center G relates to our general direction relative to the rest of the world, Especially related to love and identity. We also see in the section on the center of the head, How the center of the head touches the direction of our intellectual consciousness. The center of the ego also affects our direction. It touches our direction on the material plane, Everything from a few We have money in the bank account, And how many children we send to college. The self is unique in that it is the only center that a real circle is named after and around, And so the circle of the ego and the center of the ego are completely intertwined. As is well known, everything is related to the financial security of the tribe (ie family, business, community, etc.). The ego allows us to prove our worth on the material plane to the tribe. So if you have an open ego center ask yourself: In what ways are you trying to prove yourself. On the material level to the tribe (i.e. your family, your work, your community). Is it with your car? Is it with your body? Is it with the long hours you work? Is it with the certificates you hang on the wall? How are you wasting your energy trying to prove (or improve) yourself for the sake of the tribe? If you have a defined ego center you can ask yourself the same questions, Although the pressure is not as strong as someone with an undefined ego. But we all feel the pressure. It is built into us with the materialist channel (21/45). No matter if you have the channel, it is a tribal energy that we all feel and are exposed to. Once you ask yourself what you are trying to prove, You may be wondering if you got into it right. Are you living your strategy? More importantly, Will it make you aware next time? You will feel the pressure to live your strategy. Nine Centers Mutation Root Center Spleen Center Sacral Center Solar Plexus Center Heart Center G Center Ajna Center Head Center Biology: The ego has four different biological affiliations, Much more than any other center. Although it has the fewest gates after the center of the head, It has a massive biological role. It's just the opposite from the center of the throat, Which has many gates but only one biology. Here we have some gates but some biologicals. What it means? Basically, The throat performs one biological function in many areas, That is, a metamorphosis of our whole being. Biology is a metamorphosis and the region is everywhere through the many gates. The heart center on the other hand performs a number of biological functions in an isolated area, That is, the material plane. The biology is diverse (seen below) but the area focuses on material well-being. For the throat center the metamorphosis of material well-being is only one of its 11 gates (gate 45). It also focuses on the metamorphosis of ideas (Chapter 56), Metamorphosis of emotional experiences (gate 35) and so on. For the center of ego the only focus and output is through the 45th gate and it means: "I have". Or "I do not." The center of the ego focuses its energy (it is an engine), In improving and accumulating on the material plane, And that's a big part of our day, Using a large amount of our energy. The center of the throat through the 45th gate, Fills the role of this expression and its temperament to sound and movement. Let's look at the gate of the ego, to get a comprehensive understanding of the qualities of the ego. (Gate 21: Biting Through - Gate of the Hunter / Huntress Strength of Will) The function of the heart is to pump blood around the body. The ability of the heart to contract is due to the presence of the heart muscle in the wall, Which can work continuously without fatigue. The heart muscle excites itself. This is in contrast to skeletal muscle, Requiring conscious or reflexive neural stimuli. Heart rhythm contractions occur spontaneously, Although the frequency can be changed, Or the pulse by nervous effects, Or hormonalities like exercise or perception of danger. The 21st gate refers to this heart muscle. So the mantra of the 21st is to be in control. If they can not control their lives, At a very basic level they lose control of their heartbeat, Which of course can cause big problems. If people with 21 are in control of what they eat, What they wear and where they live, They maintain heart health. If you return it to the center of the ego in total, Control is a key component in the center of the ego. An undefined ego can feel that it is not in control of their material direction. A defined ego can feel that they need to control the material direction of others. Both can cause problems if not entered correctly. Issues of control are rampant in the world, And they have a lot to do with people who do not understand the mechanics of the ego center. Gate 26: The instructive power of the great - the egoist gate. (Gate 26 -The Taming Power of the Great - The Gate of the Egoist): The 26th gate refers to the thymus gland, Belonging to the endocrine system (like so many other centers) And is located in the upper anterior part of the thoracic cavity. The thymus plays an important role in the development of the immune system early in life, And its cells are part of the body's normal immune system. They are the famous T cells. This gland creates a direct connection between the ego and the splenic system, Both through the transmitter channel (26-44) and biologically, And is one of the most vital health channels. In fetal development, The ego-related biologies evolve before the spleen-related biologies. Basically, there is an ego in the fetus before there is a spleen. The thymus ego shapes the immune system, And continues to work on the immune system until the child is three years old. Then the thymus gland takes on the responsibility of protecting the immune system. From gate 44 we have a release of B cells. From the 26th gate we have a release of T cells. These are killer cells - their job is to kill things that invade the system. The 26th gate is the gate of remembrance. It is the completion of the instinctive memory process and its completion within the ego. In other words, it is an ego memory. But the memory of the ego can be manipulated: "The fish was so big!" There was indeed a fish, but its size, Given the nature of the 26th Gate, Open to exaggeration. The T cell is the worst nightmare of a virus, It is the ability of the ego to reach out and make contact with the community. As such, it is the gate of the egoist. From a business perspective, This is the gatekeeper's gateway - the ability to be able to go out there and say, "This is the best damn car you've ever met, And I'll give you the damn price, The best you've ever had with the longest guarantee. I swear my daughter uses this car and it's amazing. Now, will it be cash or not? "Exaggeration can turn into lies. But this is the thin line that the egoist treads. This process, do not forget, deals with our immune system. Sometimes it's good for your health to be selfish. It's like T cells. When they see a health problem, They bombard the threat with utter exaggeration until it is destroyed. Nothing holds back. The person who buys this car recognizes the desire to exaggerate them. But they like the idea of buying the best car. It's good for you and your family to have the best car. It replicates what your T cells do all the time: Save your life and that of your family in the best possible way. The car owner can then contact their close friends and say: "This is the best car, and the seller gave me the best deal." And if the car breaks down, do not worry, They have the best mechanic in town to take care of it. If I return it to the center of the ego overall, The ego loves the feeling of moving forward, That they are doing well and their family is doing well. And if it involves a bit of exaggeration (ego inflation), so be it. The ego likes to feel good about itself. The defined self knows this, And in the ideal world they can even make others feel good. But the other side is often: the defined ego makes others feel bad. The undefined ego does not have this energy to consistently increase their ego, Which can cause a lack of feeling good about themselves. Loss of self-worth, the feeling that their car is less than enough, etc. 51 - The 51st shock rate is related to the gallbladder, A pear-shaped organ that stores bile (or "bile") until the body needs it for digestion. Bile is released when food containing fat enters the digestive tract. This is the shock gate because it is the bitterness of a fool to jump into the void. The 51 is part of the only non-tribal channel in the center of the ego, Initiation Channel (51-25). This is the way the ego amplifies the universal love of the 25th gate. Without universal love, the heart becomes a stone (gallstones). Imagine that someone has the conversion to jump from gate 51, From the tribal element to the unknown and finds its self (center G) on the other side. It is part of the circle of personal concentration. This initiation channel is a very grounding channel. And on the other hand it is driven by the bile energy of the ego center. If you return it to the center of the ego in total, The ego is not an awareness center, Nor is it particularly delicate. He is full of bile, Which is strong enough at the biological level, To digest almost anything you put in your mouth. On another level, the ego is able to move you through almost anything. It has the conversion to do it. The undefined ego is always unsure if they have the ego to achieve something, And that creates insecurity and worthlessness. They are always trying to prove that they can achieve what they have been able to do, And put great pressure on the heart, stomach and gallbladder. Think of heartburn, ulcers and heart attacks. The defined ego knows their power better than the undefined ego, But they may refuse to use it. Or they exaggerate and become too competitive, Which also causes problems. Ego has a very specific biological relationship with each of the four gates: heart, stomach, thymus, gallbladder. Out of these four biological variations, the total amount of 'I''s self-property is expressed. This particular 'I' is a tribal identity - the identity of the ego that says, "I am the hunter (21). I am the fool (51). I am the egoist (26). I am the doubt (40)." We know that in the center of the throat there is only one gate in which the tribe and community will be expressed - with the rule "I have" or "I do not have" of the 45th gate. The 45 is a primary action gate because the canal has a motor connected to the throat. It is the expression of the heart in the world. Being with a heart is something very different from love - it's a sense of community concern. The needs of the tribe are dictated by the needs of these biological elements in order to maintain the heartbeat. The tribe shouts, "My child is sick. Don't tell me about your future health plans. " True caring and healing are nurtured in the tribe. This is the nature of his heart - to be concerned about the welfare of the tribe, and the welfare of the tribe is property property. We have difficulty with the ego because our brain is uncomfortable with it (Note that there are no mental channels or gates for this). The ego is very blatant, almost rude from the point of view of the mind. The ego is also not a center of consciousness, another thing that can make it appear "unconscious." The ego is here to hold our friendships together, So we feed each other and support each other. There is no ego in the circle of knowledge, or logic and an abstra