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Section A introduction

The Black and the Red of Personality and Design

השחור והאדום של האישיות והעיצוב -

The magic of human design is that it has two calculations - design and personality.

It is special because it shows the full person.
Not only their consciousness, but also their unconscious.
Astrology calculates the angles of planets at the time of your birth,
Just like design does with personality calculation, but it stops there.
Design not only goes one step further with assigning gates, and specific lines of I’Ching, to each planet.
But it also goes forward, and makes an entirely new calculation - the design calculation.
It is calculated 88 degrees for calculating the birth of the sun.
Because one degree of the sun is one day,
The 88-degree design calculation was done about three months before birth.
This is the time when the baby becomes a fully functioning Rave (Rave = human).
In Christian terminology, the time of the second calculation is when the "soul" enters the body.
Personality and design enter the body graph,
And the rest is history.
But it is important to be able to see each calculation as their parts,
Before you see them as a whole.
This section will cover it.

Section A:

Sample work example of red and black:
On the left is an example of an emotional manifesto.
Because this person is a manifesto,
Anger is the basic issue if they do not inform.
The non-self manifest is not going to inform others,
And will therefore oppose much opposition.
Note that their emotional system is their authority,
But it is split from what they are as an ego manifesto.
The open centers are the root of the brain's non-self strategy.
This manifesto has two open centers.
An open G center says this person is always looking for love,
And they always wonder if they are going in the right direction.
And their open scale says,
That they never know when enough, it's enough when it comes to love or places.
This is someone who can run through a lot of lovers,
And many places in their lives before finally settling down.
Understanding the Red & Black Colors on a Human Design

If you only look at the design aspect, (red connectors),
The ego manifesto is gone, and what turns out is a projector, a split definition.
This is quite different from what we have seen as an illusion of what the monopoly brings together.
And when you look only at the personality,
You see it is of Manifesto Ego one definition.
We also see that neither Agne nor the solar plexus are defined.
This is when you bring the personality, and the design together,
That other things emerge,
And connect with each other to create an emotional manifesto.
But this is not who they think they are.
They think they are always delayed,
And are punished by other people's emotional problems,
Do not understand that it is their feelings that they always put into others.
When you look at a chart,
The first thing you need to be able to do is understand this foundation,
Between personality and design.
Then you must be able to see what it really means,
In terms of understanding the impact we have,
And how we experience this difference.

If you look at the unconscious in this configuration (according to the map at the top of the page),

You can see that here is a man whose soul,
And emotional system are without access to personality,
And that the personality does not really trust emotionally.
To think of this person as my soul,
Because of their defined head center, Ajna, it would be a mistake not to have access to it,
This is not who they think they are.
The same is true of their emotional system.
And if you tell this person that he has a strong tribal emotional system,
And that they are very emotionally sensitive,
They would not refer to it either because it is 'in the tunnel'.
Oh, but if you tell them they're a talented broadcaster,
They will be able to resonate with it,
Because that's what they have access to (personality in black),
And therefore who they think it is they.
Although this brain is defined, it recognizes its presence only through the other.
And because he can never really participate with the mind consciously,
It never really trusts him.
But if you say to this person "you have a unique, and individual mind,
That you do not really have access to,
But you need to learn to trust your "I know",
You are proposing something practical.
Then they can start accepting what they have no control over,
And that can be the beginning of getting what is consistent within them.
Everything this person thinks about is actually less,
Half of who they are because it is actually the monopoly that unites the two forces (personality and design).
In this case it creates a defined head center that is not entirely in design, nor in personality,
But suddenly comes out of the two.
When we'm stuck in the personality profile,
We feed the Not Self,
And it distorts our ability to really see ourselves.
If you want to have access to your subconscious mind,
And you want your unconscious,
Acting properly is essential to following your strategy.
When you do this you will see that you are acting properly.
So when you see the red in your design,
Just surrender,
And acknowledge that there is nothing you can do,
But get.
At this point you will have the opportunity to live the illusion of the whole.
Red and Black Lines in Human Design
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