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Section B

Circuits and Circuitry:

The first basic binary,
In human design is duality,
existing between
the closeness of your personality,
and your design,
in the context of the whole.
the second stage,
in this process,
is to see the roads,
And the lonely tunnels that are,
in fact,
Specific mapping segments or circles.
This is similar,
to be in a big city,
where there are different road systems,
within the circles of the city.
When you start to recognize,
and identify what a circle is,
so everything
which is part of this circle,
becomes accessible to you.
There are three groups,
Main circuit:
Tribalism, individuality and collectivity.
to each one of them,
There are two circles in them.
For each group of circles,
There is a particularly important speech.
The most important speech is,
of immense value because,
that he opens the door
To understand each channel,
and every gate,
in the same group of circles,
and is a basis for your understanding.
In the following figures,
You will see three groups of circles,
and the integration channels,
that stand on their own.
Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Section B Introduction
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