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Self / G Authority

סמכות מרכז הג'י (Self/G Authority) - -  Self Authority

Always A Projector:
The authority of the G / Self (G Authority) is different from any other authority.

In order to have the authority of the G (Self / G Authority),

Everything below the center G is not defined.

No matter what is defined above the throat.

Anyone with Self / G Authority is always a projector.
There are 4 channels that create self-authority,

And they are all direct connections from the throat to myself

(10/20, 31/7, 1/8 and 13/33)
The owner of the elusive G / Self Authority,

The Self / G Authority is just an autopilot system.

People with Self-G Authority authority,

Do not have to wait for the emotional wave either

Listen to the voice of Spleen speaking only once,

Either listen to the sound of the scroll, or resort to the ego impulse.
These are people who only need to do one thing:

What they do.

This is the monopoly that drives man.

Authorized by the Self / G Authority,

Just sit in the car and let the driver do the driving.
They don't even have to think about it.

Usually, when asked about a decision they have made,

They may have many thoughts to justify the decision.

But the thoughts did not make the decision.

On the other hand they may not think about it at all,

And when asked, they will probably say,

"I do not know, it was exactly the right thing to do."

It's very foggy.
Like hummingbirds that migrate thousands of miles,

The G / Center Authority is self-directed,

That you can't really put a finger on it.

These hummingbirds need to find enough flowers on the way to survive,

And the time when these flowers bloom varies from year to year.

Somehow the hummingbirds know from year to year exactly when to set off.

Somehow they just know how to get where they are going.

סמכות מרכז הג'י (Self/G Authority) - - Bird

Their Own Direction:
Someone with G / Self Authority is a person,
Who is not here to abide by the rules.
This person should not leave on Tuesday.
Although all others may be obligated.
What other people say,
what the school says,
Either the employer or the company at all is simply irrelevant to their decision making.
They do not tend to do simple things to reach a goal,
And they do not tend to do things just because it has worked in the past.
Something happens - something on TV,
something in a book, a conversation, a thought that drifts in their minds,
It evoked 3 times - whatever it is.
It somehow motivates the driver to turn left or right and get going.
The only issue for a person with Self / G Authority authority is trust.
Trust that internal navigation system.
Once this navigation system is working,
The worst thing a Self / G Authority can do is go against it.
This applies both to the aspects of love,
and to the direction of the G-center.
This principle of trust works, not only in terms of direction,
But also in terms of self-organization and self-connection (love).
The authority of the G / Self (G Authority) is closely related to its sense of self.
These people have a well-directed sense of themselves.
Even to the extent that they seem too confident in themselves or involved in themselves.

סמכות מרכז הג'י (Self/G Authority)

Self / G Authority:
As long as they do not violate the sense of self,
By going where they know they should not go,
Or do what they know they should not do things.
That's fine with them.
This is a person who can simply refuse.
Do something for 10 years.
Then suddenly turn 180 degrees completely,
And adopt it in full for the next 20 years.
For them it is simply a question of whether it fits in with their current self or not.
When it's not appropriate they do not,
When appropriate. They do it.
It is critical to the self-authority that they maintain their sense of self-righteousness towards themselves.
It does not matter if this sense of readiness matches that of someone else,
But she must be right with them.
You can know such a person for years,
And believe that you can predict his behavior,
And suddenly they will do something completely,
out of the left field that is simply contrary to what you would expect.
Simply their self has changed for whatever reason.
If you happen to know one for a long time,
you will have the opportunity to see that they are very rigid.
Until they change.
As long as self-authority works properly.
Trust yourself - so any decision you make is the right one.
No matter what decision they make,
Turn left or right,
According to what they choose,
As long as it comes from the same place of trust,
They will have the right experience.
This is the essence of Gate 46 - the serenity of being in the right place, at the right time.
No one with self-G authority can love anyone else,
Unless they are right with themselves.
And even a person with the authority of the G-center (Self / G Authority),
Can not be happy in a relationship with another person,
If that other person cannot accept the extreme sense of identity.
Remember these are people without engines.
They do not have the energy to be able to constantly mess with an emotional person who wants them to change.
Or with an ego that has to compete on the right path.
Once they get into endless conflict,
As for what they do,
And where are they going,
And what is right and what is not,
And why should they do it,
And can not do it,
Well they have no resilience to that.
The authority of the G (Self / G Authority) is no more reliable than any other authority,
In terms of the promise that the resulting experience will be enjoyable,
But as long as that pure innocent trust exists the person will have the right experience.
What is the "right" experience? It's pretty simple.
The one that somehow leads to the next correct experience of the person becoming completely who he is.
The authority of the G-center (Self / G Authority) is the perfect union of essence and existence,
Of being and being.
The defining mantra for the person with the authority of the G-center (Self / G Authority).
Is Shakespeare's wonderful line:
"It's above all - to be true to yourself;
And it must go, like night to day,
You can then not be false to anyone. "

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