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Single Definition

הגדרה יחידה (Single Definitions) -

In 41% of the population,
single definitions are common.
They have all their centers connected.
These centers communicate with each other without interruption.
There is self-sufficiency in this process,
Because they do not need any external influence to bridge any splits.
Single Definition People tend to process information faster.
The other side of this is that people in a single setting may not have to go,
as deep into information as another setting would.
Of course things like whether the center of the head or the center,
of the solar plexus are defined will affect the speed at which they are processed,
but overall they do not have the same disjointed feeling that other definitions have.
They are whole all the time.
Because of this there is less reason for them to connect with other people.
This allows for less dependent behavior on cooperation,
But on the other hand, there may be no place for others to fit into their lives.

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