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Splenic Authority

סמכות ספלינית (Splenic Authority)  - -  Splenic

Splenic Authority:
Magnificent authority stems from recognizing changes in patterns,
and knowing the meaning of change.
For some animals, it is mainly based on changes in visual patterns,
For others it's bolt changes,
For others changes in sound,
for others changes in taste,
And some (eg pit vipers) have changes in heat.
The tiny consciousness lies in the survival of the organism.
Before mankind,
all animals had only the spleen consciousness,
Rely on them for their survival.
Spleen authority occurs when defining the spleen,
The solar plexus and the scarlet are not defined.
When both Sacral and Spleen are defined in the chart,
This is called the Splenic Generator Authority.
Animal awareness.
In the animal world survival is always immediate.
For now.
This is a raw and primary world without safety nets.
Failure to identify the template does not currently cause mortality.
Failure to act the moment the reaction to fear leads to death.
Animals do not go through the world with any question,
if it is okay to do something.
When they are hungry they go looking for food,
And they will look for him wherever they can.
The only thing they are aware of is the spleen reaction,
"Do not go there" at any given moment.
Animals are not looking for yes.
They are simply alert to the "no".

סמכות ספלינית (Splenic Authority)  - - Splenic Authrority

3 Streams:

Each gate of the spleen has specific fears.
These gates and fears are also linked to body currents.
The three spleen streams of consciousness are taste, intuition and instinct.

1. Taste​:
The taste resides in channels 18/58 and 16/48.
It is not limited to taste as it is simply a product of the taste buds in the tongue.
People with this channel are especially vigilant to taste in the general sense
"it tastes really good in clothes"
He plays here too.
It is a correlation between the visual connection and the response to it.
It's a feeling of "oh, it looks so good I want to eat it"
If the spleen approves and that of "shut me up with a spoon" if the spleen does not object.

2. Intuition:
Intuition resides on channels 28/38 and 57/20.
It is specifically tuned for sound.
Is that sudden bulge at night a threat?
It depends on the sound quality of the bulge.
The sound catches your attention,
And the spleen makes a decision of​​ Fraction of a second,
Is there anything to fear that requires action and it determines which action is best.

3. Instinct:
Instinct resides in channels 44/26 and 54/32 and is specifically geared towards smell.
Of all the senses one has to smell the most direct,
route to the part of the brain that needs to process the data.
There are only a few synapses between the data (smell),
Entering the nostrils to the place where the odor is processed and analyzed.

Spleen awareness is very fast.
The mind and emotions do not operate anywhere at the same speed.
The spleen processes huge amounts of physical sensory data,
And when he recognizes something out of place,
Any deviation in the pattern,
It alerts the creature so that evasive actions can be performed immediately.
Also, after engaging in action,
Spleen warning is not a guarantee,
That the creature can interfere with or change its behavior quickly enough.
This is a much bigger problem for humans,
Than for animals because humans very often,
Mentally preoccupied with what they are doing.
Usually the spleen is silent until something elicits the "it's wrong" response.
And it expects the organism to immediately change its behavior.
The spleen, as an authority, usually tells a person to avoid something.
If by chance you are driving on the street can definitely tell
"Do not walk down that street. Something is wrong there. Something suspicious.
"It's not necessarily a small voice that speaks a full sentence
(though it can be like a small voice).
The hairs on the back of the neck stand,
One gets a prickly feeling.
This is something at the body level that warns the organism: No !!

3 Wonderful Variations:
There are 3 different states of spleen authority and they are related to the human type.

1. Manifesting Splenic Authority:
The discovery of spleen authority is when the spleen is attached to the throat and motor - the ego or root.
Thus, for example, the spleen 28/38 roots with the spleen 57/20 into the throat it detects a spleen.
They are tuned to the voice of their world.
If they rule from that 18/58 the basic assumption as it passes through,
the 57th gate is that the judgment will last throughout the future.
The fear of Gate 57 from the future sits there as a potential alarm.
If it picks up something that indicates the future outcome of a verdict,
He may threaten that this alarm will be stopped.
Let them know immediately that the verdict carries with it some threat to their future.
The spleen is 44/26 to the ego and the spleen is 57-20 to the throat as well.
Note that only the defined ego and root can be involved in the spleen as authority.
The fan, in general, because they are here to do,
He benefits greatly from the fact that the spleen is an authority.
If they learn to rely on the same immediate spleen response,
They can avoid a lot of unpleasant consequences.
No matter how strong the person,
No one can simply do what he wants without creating consequences.
If the lion roars at the wrong time,
He warns of his prey and misses dinner.
If the mouse squeaks at the wrong time it turns into dinner.
The spleen manifesto should learn this.

38/28 and 57/20 Splenic Manifestor - -  44-26 and 57-20

44/26 and 57/20
Splenic Ego Manifestor

38/28 and 57/20 Splenic Manifestor - - 38/28 and 57/20

38/28 and 57/20
Splenic Manifestor

2. Splenic Generator Authority:
A person who has both a scleral definition and a spleen has authority that is created in the spleen.

Other names for him are spleen-scarlet and spleen-spleen authority.

Their spleen awareness guides their response.

This is a present response with awareness.

The pure scarlet definition without a defined spleen responds even now,

But she does not have the awareness that the spleen provides.

The difference is very subtle.

Sacral Splenic Authority - - Example of Sacral Splenic Authority

Sacral Splenic Authority

3. Projected Splenic Authority:
When the spleen is connected and there is no motor connecting the throat,
And there is no defined solar plexus or scarlet so you have irradiated spleen authority
(Projected Splenic Authority).
The spleen can connect to the root, ego, self and throat.
The spleen is the authority,
giving awareness to the rest of the chart.
These people are always projectors.
With respect to the warning aspect of spleen authority,
Waiting for recognition and / or ordering is immediately a hint to the projector,
That the situation has the potential to play without a destructive effect.
Naturally all the projectors,
Whether they know anything about human design or whether they are a projector,
Vigilant for recognition and invitation.
Receiving a very attractive order for projectors,
And very spontaneous conduct attracts the spleen.
But the fact that you know or invite him does not mean that you have to continue.
Spleen authority is critical for this type of projector to make healthy choices.
A significant challenge to the projected spleen authority occurs when the projector initiates.
And they do and they will do so regardless of reverse information.
Doing this unreadable act requires a focus of energy,
And a commitment to the matter in question,
So they may gain so much momentum,
That they can not apply the brakes while the spleen authority is talking.
The possibility of the spleen infusing a person completely is real.
You can really let go of the brain completely,
Surrender to the immediate moment and run with a full tilt down the mountain,
Surf on a wave of 20 meters or jump from a plane.
For projectors with spleen authority,
When they receive recognition and invitation,
If the spleen does not speak "no" clearly,
They can really abandon themselves to the invitation.
Everything is coordinated for them.
And a complete immersion in the experience,
To the sublime is a real possibility.
Conditioning is a powerful force on the spleen.
The brain and solar system can easily control the sound of the spleen.
You can be in the world at home alone,
Or you can be in the world interacting with another person,
Or it is possible to be in nature interacting with the natural elements (e.g. the wave, the cliff, the desert).
Or you can interact with another creature (e.g. dog, tiger, horse).
Spleen function and reliability vary depending on the nature of these elements.

Projected Splenic Authority - - Splenic Projected Authority

Projected Splenic Authority

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