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Split Definition

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Single Split -

Split is two groups of centers that are detached from each other,
like the image above.
The big push for a person with a split definition,
is to find people who join the split.
Sometimes it's just one gate, other times one channel,
Or in the case of the image above  It's two complete channels.
All the splits share common things.
Single, triangular or square, they all have hooks.
These hooks are the places where the splits can be connected.
They are called hot spots.
Each group of centers in a split chart does not always,
communicate with the other groups.
This causes a lack of internal communication.
The diagram on the left shows how the mind thinks,
one thing and the emotions feel something completely different.
It's like two people living in the same house sharing different work schedules.
Communication is spotty, which means it sometimes takes longer to happen.
Sometimes a single setting (Split Definition) Plays a phone tag with its various splits.
But only because splits (All Splits - even triangles and squares)
May take longer to process something or "get it",
This does not mean that once they receive it.
They did not fully digest it.
In fact once they get it,
They usually looked at it from many angles,
More than the person with the single definition,
Resulting in a deeper understanding.
For all the splits, their focus is very much on finding people who join the split.
This can cause problems.
Ideally a split learns that it is okay to split.
And that nothing needs to be fixed.

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