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Throat Center

מרכז הגרון (Throat Center) - - Throat Center

Defined: 71%

Undefined: 29%

Biological correlation: Thyroid, parathyroid.

Type of Center: Gearbox

Function: Role,
Expression and communication with words or action in order to perform a metamorphosis and vice versa.


Defined Center: Fixed speech and / or play style.
Under pressure to express and communicate, does not occur consistently Open Center,
But in action winks and conditioned surroundings
It's good to see who's telling the truth.


​(Not Self Strategy of open head) Not Self Strategy  Of an open mind:
An attempt to draw attention to words or deeds, to be a manifesto.

מרכז הגרון (Throat Center) - - THYROID GLAND

Thyroid Gland:
The thyroid gland is located in the neck.
Thyroid follicles secrete hormones.
Stimulation of the anterior pituitary gland causes the production of thyroid hormones.
Almost all cells in the body are targets of thyroid hormones,
Everything related to the metamorphosis of the body is regulated by the thyroid gland.
The gland regulates all bodily functions.
These include controlling the overall metabolic rate,
Growth and development, sexual development, calcium regulation and bone production.
The productive or overproductive thyroid gland leads to all sorts of metabolic or developmental problems such as mood swings,
weight control, irregular body growth, body temperature control and energy levels.

Throat Center:
The center of the throat at its biological level is duality,
Visible in the two thyroid lobes.
You can further divide the duality into four parts,
As can be seen in the thyroid gland.

The basic binary is:
(A) Communication
(B) Expression.
You can associate any of them with:
(i) defined communication or expression
(ii) Undefined communication or expression
We will see this in more depth when looking at the gates (see below).


Above and Below the Throat:
When we looked at the Agena Center we saw how it is biologically related to all other bodily functions.
But we have also seen that it is his job to see only what is happening and not to make the decisions.
It was an awareness center.
The center of the throat, on the other hand, affects the rest of the body.
As can be clearly seen in the role of the thyroid gland,
The center of the throat is a gearbox, a regulator.
It's not the fuel because it's not an engine,
But it regulates the speed at which fuel burns.
Also note in the body photo another interesting visual clue
the location of the agena to the throat.
It gives you an insight into how the body works.
You really have two parts to the biography.
everything above the throat and everything down.
The agena and the head play the role of gathering information and processing it into awareness.
But it has nothing to do with engines,
Because they are miles away from any engine.
They sit over the throat and overlook the body.
Under the throat is where all the juice flows.
It is full of action and energy.
There we have the 4 engines and everything that goes with them.
Throat operations are the menstrual cycle for these two parts.
Everything comes out and becomes one through the throat.
The throat has direct access to six other centers!
All roads lead to the throat and these roads are short.
The throat has eleven gates, more than any other center,
And only one biology,the thyroid gland.
The throat, despite its ability to harness many input currents,
Focuses on one simple thing,regulating energy flow.
Remember how the thyroid gland regulates our body heat.
To do this one must be in constant communication with the external energy levels,
And with the internal energy levels.
The Holy Center also regulates energy,
But like any generator pure knows, he can get stuck easily.
This is not the case in the throat.
The throat is an artist in finding the perfect energy level.
We all have to go through a metamorphic process.
That's what it means to be alive.
Without the metamorphic energy (through action or sound),
All the generators were constantly stuck and all the other types were just lifeless.
Because the center of the throat is the center of the metamorphosis and the metamorphosis creates a distinction,
The center of the throat also regulates how visible we are in the world.
Noise and movement,
The two main characteristics in the throat,
Bring you to pay attention (for better or worse).
For example, if you are looking for an animal in the forest you may not notice it until it moves.
Or in class you notice a child growing up slower or faster than the other children.
In terms of noise it is clear that it is getting attention.
If you're sitting in a movie theater full of people,
The only person you really notice is the one talking.
And there is a good chance they have an open throat that is sucked by all the throat defined around them!
A defined throat is designed to attract attention (good or bad) in their regular way.
Throat is not defined here to be flexible in the way they get attention.
Both need to follow their strategy.
Only then will they get the right attention.
People with open throats may be obsessed with attracting attention,
Just like people with a defined throat can spend an entire life trying to get out of the way.
This is a distortion of their natural talents.
The moment you are conditioned by attracting attention,
Is the moment you do not see the options on either side of the coin.
An open throat can attract attention but they cannot control when and how.
Defined throats can attract attention,
But it can get a lot of wrong attention if they do not work properly.
Defined or undefined, the only important thing is if you make the decision in your head.
With an open throat if your life is focused on attracting attention,
So you're sick.
However, if you are right about an open throat and attracting people then it is beautiful.
With a defined throat if you are right then you will get attention that will not hit you in the head.

מרכז הגרון (Throat Center) - - BOB DYLAN

Singer Bob Dylan has a constant way of attracting attention and his signature voice reflects that. One radio broadcaster said, "Dylan's voice is as annoying as the sound of an espresso machine." Love it or hate it, he can not change it. For him he will recognize the right to cling to his way of expression.

מרכז הגרון (Throat Center) - - CHER

A singer-singer has an inconsistent way of attracting attention. One journalist said, "Sher jumped  For every new musical fad and looking for an audience. "It's an open throat way. She can change her voice style easily and has successfully done many cover songs.

Metamorphosis and Pressure:
Although the throat connects directly to more centers than any other center,
There are two centers that he does not connect directly to,
Head and root.
This means that there is no direct access to stress!
When we looked in the center of the head we saw that we were living in a sandwich,
Stress - The mental stress above,
the adrenaline pressure below.
But the throat is not directly related to it.
What it means?
This means that the expression is not aware of the stress.
we would all be running ourselves to death from stress,
Like a balloon that blows the air out.
Head and root pressure stimulate the other centers,
Then they find their way through the throat.
But the action of the metamorphosis does not occur under pressure.
Imagine a click on a flower to bloom!
And the joke is?
That so many of us are running around under great pressure to express ourselves.
This is a sad joke.


Your Voice (s):
The main character of the center of the throat is to speak,
not to express
Of the 11 goals only 3 are goals expressed (35, 12, 45).
We have 11 languages.
The phrase began with the 12th title.
The other ten gates represent the main languages of mankind,
When all the languages that ever existed fit into one of these ten gates.
There are very few gates that are primary action gates.
Then you have secondary action rates.
If you have a gate in your throat,
And it does not matter if the throat is defined or not defined because it is almost consistent,
This gate is your voice.
This is the only voice you can trust.
This does not mean that this voice will not be conditioned if it is an active gate in an undefined throat.
Obviously someone else or some planet will have to plug that throat.
Observing the Rave chart is about seeing the self and the non-self.
All that looks in the throat is to see your voice and the non-voices.
If you do not have the 45th gate, every time you say "I have" it is not your voice.
You are not here to talk in terms of what you have and what you do not have.
It belongs to someone who has that voice and they'm probably sitting next to you!
If you do not have the 56th gate and you say, "I believe",  You are conditioned by someone.
If you live a conditioned life,
You are having problems of the same conditioned being.
The same is true that if you live a conditioned voice,
You have to deal with all the consequences of that voice,
And you may not be equipped with it.
If you are constantly speaking in a voice that does not belong to you,
Eventually it will damage your throat.
The only people released from it,
They are the ones who have no activation at all in the throat - a rare thing, by the way.
They may not have a voice of their own and they live in a different condition.

מרכז הגרון (Throat Center) - - THE 11 VOICES OF THE THROAT

The throat center deals with communication.

The throat is the point to which all the energy in the body passes to find expression.

Through this center an expression occurs,

Metamorphosis and variability.

The defined throat speaks regularly,

With consistent expression from each energy center to which it is attached.
The undefined throat has no consistent sound,

Which can cause nervousness and pressure to speak.

The open throat may want to attract attention,

By expressing something or saying that he will do something (manifest) in order to relieve the stress.

The open throat can speak in many voices with different ways of expression,

As long as he does not try to force him.

The wisdom of the open center is to learn that there is nothing to do or say;

Silence is fine.

The open-ended question is, "Am I trying to get attention?"

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