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Tribal Circuit Group

Key - Supports

Keynote - Supporting

The collective person will share with you but it is not necessarily personal.
The individual person will do his own thing and this may empower you
(But they're probably too busy doing his thing to care about either side).
So for these two circuits it is not very possessive.
When you get to the tribal circle it gets very sticky.
The tribe does not engage in sharing with you,
and does not care if you are qualified as an individual.
What they care about is what kind of support the relationship has.
It is the tribe that says:
"If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."
For tribal circles,
the main key is the word support.
And for support to occur you need,
to get close enough to smell them.
Also, in order for scratches to be scratched,
you must be first with a back,
And this is the next point to be understood in the tribal circle:
it is about existence.
"My wife supports me" could only say a tribal man.
A lone person would find this statement suffocating,
And a collective man will talk about the liberation of women.
But for a tribal person it works.
The tribe is the most intimate of the circles in terms of the senses:
body odors, touch, taste, etc.
For example,
the family recipe provided as a form of family identity.
or the handshake to seal a deal.
Or the blood relationship between best friends.
Comments about the guy out of town who "smells funny."
All this in the tribal realm.
But the most important thing to remember is,
that this is a transaction that promises support.
"I will clean the house and feed the children,
if you go out to work to make money for the family."
Without this kind of doing we would not have survived.
Support is a two-way street.
Nothing is free.
Nothing comes without a price.
The collective may share with you,
and expect nothing but someone who is willing to accept the sharing.
But if a tribal person gives you something,
You better have something to give in return or you're in trouble.
This is called DEAL.
The deal can be sealed in many ways.
It can be cultural,
like bringing gifts to a birthday party.
This could be a handshake,
signing a contract or kissing a wedding ceremony.
But once the deal was signed,
The tribe expects both sides to continue in the end,
Otherwise the support falls apart.
To understand this thought of the 21st Gate,
as the one who gathers the resources from the 26th Gate,
And distributes them to the 45th and 40th gates.
26 work hard and give the profits to 21,
Who turns 40 and says:
"I will buy all the ingredients and feed you,
if you donate the work to build the community."
Having invested some money in building the community,
The rest of the profit will reach 45.
If it works well,
everyone fills the deal,
and everyone gets the cut.

קבוצת מעגלים שבטיים (Tribal Circuit Group) -​קבוצת מעגלים שבטיים(Tribal Circuit Group)

Ego Circuit:
Behind the image of family and community,
the ego circle is all business.
It is a matter of establishing and maintaining families,
and a community,
distributing and spending money.
If you look at the channels you will see,
that everything is controlled by the ego.
There is nothing sacred here and therefore no generic quality.
The holy center is the condition of existence.
without tribal circles,
we could not take care of ourselves.
This circle is a manifesto.
Thus the theme of the ego circle is to be expressed;
Get out there and be busy so you can go home and rest.
Since there is no holiness,
the two currents that pass,
from the root to the center of the ego,
They are projected currents
(54/32,44/26 and 19/49,37/40).
The ego circle is desperate to get to know him.
He is waiting for recognition so,
that he can be in control of the expression.

Side note:
One of the unusual things about the ego circle is,
that it has only one entrance to the throat (45/21).
This has two important implications.
it has only one and two voices,
because the center of the ego is an engine,
It has a direct possibility of expression.
Individual and collective circles have more,
than one voice (can you count them?)
And the channels involved are a combination of types.
What does it mean that the tribe has such a narrow outlet?
Think about the unique and very regular ways,
for different tribes to express themselves.
For example,
a tribe may dress the same way.
It's not like the many ways a collective,
and an individual express themselves,
There are more expression sockets.
That voice is 45/21,
the materialist channel.
It's all about making the right transactions,
that will ensure proper support,
That it will be possible to make enough money to feed,
build and entertain the community or family.

מעגל אגו (Ego Circuit) -

Ego Circuit

Defense Circuit:
This is a minor circle of the group of tribal circles.
In the ego circle you see what it's like to make money,
And build the larger community,
structure by making deals and gathering support.
But none of this is helpful without children.
And so everything in the circle of protection,
is about bringing children,
it is bringing them into the world and taking care of them.
The Holy Center is in the center of this small circle,
And this is another reason why the Holy Center,
is such a key player in creating life.
This is the sexual center that creates life,
But it is also the driving force that sustains life.
On one side you have the 59/6 where perception occurs,
And on the other hand you have the 27/50 where the child is cared for.
The Non-Self and the Tribe:
If you yourself are not yourself you will connect to,
so many things that are not good for you like guilt,
Shame and guilt.
No channel is beautiful in the hands of the non-self.
For example,
the 27/50 issue of caring can be the most cruel,
and abusive energy if it is distorted.
The issue of support is the basic issues,
And if you get into relationships like you do,
Your particular tribe will function properly,
within the limits of what being tribal.
It is important to think about this in the context,
of the circle of defense.
So much suffering is happening within the family tribal cell,
Because parents do not maintain their design.
The parents may suffer from this,
but it is the children who are harmed.
Without the proper support for the tribal settlement,
Because parents do not maintain their design,
and do not get into things properly,
The dynamics of 59/6 and 27/50,
Will not work and the children will not grow up properly.

מעגל הגנה (Defense Circuit) -

Defense  Circuit

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