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Triple Split Definition

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Triple Split

Even more than the single split.
Triple Split Definition,
It takes time to process things.
There are three different areas that need to be communicated before they feel complete.
If triangles and squares find one person who bridges the splits
They can be dependent on the same person and it can be unhealthy.
The more splits you have
This way you will be more likely to have friends who will not join any of your splits.
For example in the diagram,
if they have a friend who bridges the brain to the throat,
So this relationship will be intellectual and spotty,
But the Triple Split Definition,
Will never be recognized for their feelings.
They may also have another friend who joins the ego and spleen,
but the brain remains split.
It is a more emotional but not intellectual relationship.
If the two friends were to describe the Triple Split Definition.
They would describe a person splitting the Triple Split Definition,
One is intellectual and the other is emotional.
Just like splits in their disconnected,
People with a split definition cut off relationships,
Fulfilling different aspects in their chart.
In many ways it's better than finding one person doing it.
Because it is easy to fall into power struggles.
Of course everything is fine if you follow your strategy.
Very good public places for Triple Split Definition,
Because they accept the connection without being dependent on one person.
Triple splits and four people are great teammates.
In a group they can join all the time and feel whole.
Of course it can cause social burnout,
It is therefore important for them not to indulge in the group aura.
Good rest from time to time.
They are Triple Split and it's okay to be Triple Split Definition.

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