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Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Types

“You have nowhere to go and turn around until you are dealing with your climb.

There simply is not  Place  such a. It does not matter what is on your map.

If you are not coping, learning, and living your type,

You are not messing with yourself.

Everything that is on the map, in any gate, in any center, in any setting or non-setting,

Directly related to climbing through genetic continuity.

Everything is moving in that direction.

It all starts with climbing. "

Ra Uru Hu.

Human Design Academy by Ra Uru Hu: Auras Types -

There are 4 types within the human design system.
Each type plays a critical role in the interaction of the human race.
Generators and manifest generator,
there is a defined sacral And there are powerful internal motors to neutralize
(sacral life-defined life energy)
the work,
Projectors have a vision and projective energy to guide, lead and manage.
(Projectors — lacking a defined sacral — no energy is regularly available for operation).
The manifestos mix the pot, create and initiate action to create and demonstrate new things.
Reflectors act as a mirror to society to show us how we do it?
And what do we do?
For each type of mechanics
(basically representing an action mode of its aura).
Each type of mechanics has a different aura and is conducted differently in the system.
Each type has its role in the complete puzzle of human mechanics.

Humanity is mechanically divided into Five:
Manifesting Generator.

Generators + Manifesting Generator:
They are the dominant type on the planet with almost 70% of the population.
They are the driving force of the earth.
Their strategy is to respond,
and through response find satisfaction and avoid frustration.
They have an open and enveloping aura and are here to,
get to know themselves.

They are about 20% of the population.
Their strategy is to wait for an order.
Their stamp prevents success,
and avoids bitterness.
They have a focused and absorbing aura and are here to understand
(guide) the other.

They are about 9% of the population.
Their strategy is to inform before they act,
To find peace,
and to avoid anger.
They have a closed and detached aura (from the place of distant),
And they are here to understand their impact on others.

They are without definition,
and they make up a little over one percent of the population.
Their strategy is to wait for a full moon cycle,
before making decisions.
Their way of arriving by surprise,
and avoiding disappointment.
They have a durable aura and specimen,
such as (from the word "monitoring") from the environment. But not contagious.
And they are here to see us the difference.

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